Tallahassee music label, ‘E3 Da Label’, is on the rise

MoneyManLo, JahThePoet, Don P, Prezi, Willie Beema and Sakway Sauce of "Everybody Eats
Photo Courtesy of Everybody Eats Entertainment.

There is a new local music label in Tallahassee that has several artists on the rise. Everybody Eats Entertainment (E3 Da Label) is a group of men that came together with the same dream and destiny. Prezi, JahThePoet, Don P, Sakway Sauce, MoneyManLo and Willie Beema are the main artists on E3 Da Label.

Each artist came up with similar upbringing and used those experiences to create their music. MoneyManLo said remembering the difficult time pushes the group to greatness.

“If everyone came from a difficult childhood, our goal is to be bigger than any artist in the industry as an individual, and create a platform for the kids that are coming behind us,” said MoneyManLo.

Each artist has different skills and characteristics that go into the music industry. Everyone on the label decided to come together and create opportunities for each artist to ‘eat’ in order to create a platform for the label

JahThePoet implied that obtaining generational wealth for families was a priority for the label.

“We are all from Florida, so we had similar surroundings,” explained JahThePoet. “We want to end generational curses of being in poverty. As a long-term goal, we want to make sure our families and people in around us are given opportunities for success.”

Though the music business is competitive, the label is more like a family. Prezi said that this sense of brotherhood comes from artists all striving for the same goals.

“I want everything to be presidential. My lifestyle, the way I carry myself and how I live, I want everything to be lavish,” Prezi explained. “I came from nothing, so I want to make sure I utilize my resources. These are my brothers, and we are all talented. We have the potential to make it big.”

As young black men, the music industry can have positive images but also can be tied to societal dilemmas in the United States.

Don P discussed how this generation has negative image portrayal among rappers. He plans to start portraying himself and the label as role models while still being artists.

“As rappers, you are going to be in the spotlight,” Don P explained. “You are a target [and] you have to watch how you represent your brand.”

Another reason ‘E3 Da Label’ wants to build platforms and opportunities for the youth is because various radio stations are influencing their listeners by what they are playing.

Willie Beema aims to make positive music that listeners can relate to.

“We created our own label to display our talents through different genres of music and give people positive ways to be successful,” said Willie Beema.

Generating over 53,000 followers via Instagram as a label, the group is now at the stage to reach thousands of people. They are new entrepreneurs eager to make a change in the world. Being that this generation is heavy on social media, it is pivotal the label uses that to their advantage.

Tallahassee native Lea Hall follows a few members from the label on social media. She believes they have what it takes to be the next big sensation.

“They have a huge fan base in Tallahassee, but that’s just the beginning,” Hall explained. “They are starting to circulate around Florida and that’s an amazing idea to jumpstart the label.”

Bringing authentic and original songs, the label strives to stay in their own lane and strive for greatness. Sakway Sauce said that he sees the group being successful for years to come.

“By the end of the year, I expect our label to be on top,” Sakway Sauce explained. “We have great music and we bring different styles to the table.”

In the future, the label hopes to release more music and do as many shows as possible. The main messages that the label wants listeners to take from their music are the themes of positivity, originality and hard-work.

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