Rattler Apparel a dream realized

Rattler Apparel Owner Marquis Williams. 
Photo Courtesy os  Marquis Williams.

With various trendsetters and unique styles, FAMU students have been known to make fashion statements. But what could be better than to wear the paraphernalia of your own school?

At FAMU, the colors orange and green produce daily reflections of personal expressions through traditional styles and fashion culture.  

Everyday Rattlers fill up classrooms with FAMU attire, representing their school to the fullest.

Former student Marquis Williams, from West Beach, shows his best representation for the university through fashion.

In June 2017, Williams started his own business selling FAMU attire called Rattler Apparel.

“I’ve been into fashion since the sixth grade and I believe the fashion industry is where my purpose is stationed, so my purpose is what inspired me," said Williams.

Rattler Apparel offers custom T-shirts, hats, hoodies, bags, bandanas and more.

A table full of Rattler Apparel is usually set up around campus promoting, advertising and selling various items.

Sophomore business administration major Danqualia Scott said: “Sometimes I come to Set Friday just to go to the Rattler Apparel table, so that I can add to my collection of FAMU wardrobe.”

At Set Fridays students may inquire about discounts and receive free FAMU favorite giveaways.

Williams constantly develops artistic styles through positive inspirations, triggering creative techniques.

At a recent Set Friday, Williams sold pink FAMU Rattler shirts, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Last Friday, Williams was also afforded the opportunity to meet and take a picture with Florida Governor nominee Andrew Gillum at his #BringItHome Bus Tour in Tallahassee.

During this interaction, Williams gave Gillum a hat that read, Make Gillum Strike Again.

“Oh my goodness what,” responded Gillum.

Williams took a huge step putting his education on hold to take a chance at his business, but it is safe to say he is doing well for himself.

One of his purposes is to become an inspiration to those who may want to put a hold on school to reach their dreams but may be afraid of unsuccessfully reaching their goals.

“I like fashion myself, I wish I could start my fashion design business now, but I cannot fully focus on it because of my class load, Williams is inspiring me to take a chance at what I love,” junior journalism major Desmond Gaines said.

Williams encourages all students to stay in school and finish college, but he is also a believer in finding your purpose and thanking god.

As days pass more people are becoming aware of Rattler Apparel. As students support the brand.

You may purchase attire by direct messaging @rattler_apparel on Instagram, finding his table on campus or by contacting (561)- 850-0710.