How A Rattler Rewrote His Future

FAMU alumnus, Dante Bank's new book titled "All It Takes Is All You Got" gives readers an insight on his journey as an undergraduate student. 
Photo Submitted by Dante Banks.

Florida A&M University Alumnus, Dante Banks rewrites his future as a publishing author and entrepreneur. Since graduating in 2016, the Palm Beach native penned his life and detailed his rocky adventure during his time at FAMU in All It Takes Is All You Got. 

Before owning his own business and becoming an author, Banks studied criminal justice while attending Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University.

“I wouldn’t be painting the whole picture if I had to describe my experiences in with only one word, but I’ll always remember my time at FAMU,” Banks said. “So I guess you can say it was unforgettable.”

While at FAMU, Banks said it was where he experienced his lowest moments in life. Banks was fired from his job, evicted from his apartment and failing a majority of his classes. Adding to a list of these setbacks, Banks was also arrested the same semester.

As a first generation student, Banks said there was no one to help him answer the hundreds of questions bombarding him.

“I had my family’s support, I’m grateful for that, but I lacked guidance from someone who’s been through some of the things I was going through,” Banks explained “It felt like I went through the first half of my journey wearing a blindfold and that made the second half of my journey twice as hard.”

Despite his hard luck, Banks would not let mishaps deter him from becoming successful. After graduating, Banks had much more free time to write down his thoughts using a composition book. While speaking with his younger brother, Banks jokingly mentioned he had been through so much he could write a book about it.

What started out as a joke, soon became a catalyst for Banks as he started writing more to sharpen his skills. Soon Banks began to fill multiple composition books and was determined to share his story with whoever would listen.

Bank’s mother Fleachua Servance said that she was inspired by her son and his book.

“It took me by surprise how open and honest he was,” Servance revealed. “Dante is my oldest and he is the first kid to go to college and the first to start his own business.”

FAMU alum Dashiya Matthews noted the book’s message of positivity will especially touch young black men. Having known Banks since 2012, she hopes readers are able to appreciate the honesty and motivation the book discusses.

“This book is Dante in a nutshell,” Matthews explained.” He is a go-getter by any means necessary. He makes others so uncomfortable with his positive way of thinking that unconsciously they begin making changes to become better people… The message I took from the book was to believe in yourself even when no one else does.”

FAMU alum Jerrick Grant also has known Banks for at least a decade.

When asked about how he received Banks’s book “All It Takes Is All You Got,” Grant went on to say that Banks’s story is about how one can truly persevere. “I read it in a couple hours it was short but it was a great read.”

“Knowing Dante and where he comes from made it very insightful,” Grant expressed.

“The holistic message never allow anyone to dictate your future or allow your circumstances to determine your situation” Grant said.

Some students often find themselves feeling abandoned and lack someone else to confide to or someone else to help provide guidance. Banks is confident that his book is relatable to many. In regards to students who may be going through a similar situation Banks’s gave solid advice.

“Control what you can control. Find out what you really want out of life and what makes you happy. You can accomplish anything you want in life all you have to go is give it everything that you got or die trying because you are going to die anyway”

When asked why the book title All It Takes Is All You Got Banks described it as a short story of his personal experiences.  

“It gives insight on the effective techniques I learned along the way that encouraged me to never accept defeat.”

Readers can expect a roller coaster like experience that describes his five year journey as a college student. The Book is currently on the shelves and can also be ordered online retailers such as Lulu.

“One composition book turned into three and three turned into 12. After I put everything in order I realized what I created and wanted to share my story with whoever would listen” Banks said.