FAMU grad takes fashion industry to next level

Camil Reign Media Group is an event planning, event publicity and news company based in Atlanta founded by FAMU alumna Camil Reign
Photo Courtesy of Camil Reign Media.

Florida A&M University alumna Camil Reign can be described as someone with hustle, drive and hard work. Reign knows exactly what it takes to get to the top and she will not stop until she gets there. It’s called the “Rattler Hustle.”

Reign advises upcoming entrepreneurs to constantly study their field and be resourceful.

“Opportunity only comes to those who create them,” Reign stated. “I tried to get into a lot doors that were already closed and didn’t get them open until I started doing things on my own.”

Reign graduated from the School of Journalism and Graphic Communications with a Bachelor’s of Science in Public Relations Student in 2008.

After graduating, Reign moved to Atlanta and started doing internet radio entitled “RnB with Camil Reign”. Originally, Reign started off having a week night radio show but was promoted into a daytime slot as her following increased.

While doing radio, Reign decided to pursue artist management with independent artist of the local Atlanta area. In the process of doing artist management, Reign had begun to shadow publicist and FAMU alum April Love.  Love has been the publicist for artists such as T.I., Shawty Lo and Ludacris.

After the radio show had ended in 2009, Reign started working at Office Depot until something came along. While working, she was presented an opportunity that changed her career path.  

“I so happened to be working in the print department making cards and flyers and I so happened to meet a lady who was working on planning a surprise party for the singer Monica’s boyfriend at the time Rocco,” Reign recalled. “So, me being the person that I am, I was like well you know I plan events and stuff and if you need help just let me know.”

On the spot, Reign was hired to help plan the event and she soon discovered her passion. From that moment Reign found the love for planning upscale events for celebrities. Through planning events, Reign was able to start her fashion line and create upscale fashion events.

Long-time friend, Rachonda Johnson has supported Reign from the beginning.

“Ever since we were little she loved to turn her passion into money, when she told me about wanting to start the clothing line I was so happy for her,” Johnson said. “When I tell you the girl can network! She’s dedicated and works extremely hard at what she does.”

In 2014 which was the year of “Camil Reign Media” and “Taglines Clothing” which were a line of shirts that she pressed and created herself.

Two years later Reign decided to launch her “HBCU Tagline” which catered to the HBCU lifestyle.  Reign received great reviews from the “HBCU Tagline” and started planning fashion events soon after.

In 2017, Camil Reign Media puts on its first high fashion event called “Scratch the Runway with celebrity DJ Traci Steel.”

In 2018 Cream Magazine was created for the sole purpose of promoting designers, models, and small businesses. The first edition featured Love and Hip-Hop Star Erica Dixon on the cover.  

Booking manager for Cream Magazine Leah Lewis noted that Reign’s ambition is what makes her stand out.

“I have seen her build this magazine from the ground-up and I know she isn’t stopping here, it’s going to be big,” Lewis expressed. “She is such a visionary!”

Reign events have allowed her to be featured on reality television. Reign was a part of an event called “Fashion for Brunch” that featured celebrity host Alayna Fite from “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta”.  

Reign has no plans of slowing down, the only way she can go is up. Reign has an upcoming January event called “Fashion Glam Wonderland” that will take place in Atlanta. Cream Magazine is set to release more issues within the next year to come.