Celebrities encouraging people to vote


Screenshot of Levi's commercial encouraging everyone to vote.
Courtesy of the Levi Channel on Youtube.

The midterm election is just days away, and now more than ever celebrities urging Americans to get out and make their voices heard.

Celebrities like Rise Against, Taylor Swift, Leonardo DiCaprio, Pearl Jam, Common, Gabrielle Union, Rihanna, and Amy Schumer have all taken to social media to encourage their fans to get to the polls and cast their votes to make a change in this country.

“It’s great that celebrities are getting involved politically and encouraging everyone to get out and vote, because we watch them on television and in movies and they are such a huge part of our lives. And so many of them see the direction our country is headed and want us to make the right choice for the future of America,” said Jermaine Miller, a community advocate for Leon and Gadsden counties.

“I believe celebrities are becoming more involved now because they understand the direction the nation is headed and are more awake than ever,” he added.

Jennifer Lewis, for example, has been on Instagram with the hashtag #GetYourA**OutAndVote. She has been particularly vocal because she believes that our president is not equipped with the foreign policy skills to lead the nation, according to Nate Tanner, a counselor with the Florida Department of Children and Families said.

Whether it’s on television or on social media, the power of mass media has also been used this midterm in a number of ads encouraging voters to get to the polls and make a difference this election. This is especially true for minority voters and voters of a younger demographic.

“Knock The Vote” released a PSA in which older white Trump supporters mock younger people for not voting. While Levi’s “Use Your Vote” ad encourages everyone, of all races and colors to get out and make an impact on the world and vote.

“These ads are great, because they inspire people to get out and vote and make a change for themselves instead of sitting and home waiting for a change to come for themselves and then complaining about what happens when things go wrong afterwards. And that’s what we have to realize, we have to get out and vote, the change isn’t going to happen on it’s own, we have to get out and make it happen,” Miller said.

“I believe ‘Knock the Vote’ is crucial because it shows the older Caucasian generation are the only ones who truly believe their votes matter. They don’t believe even the younger Caucasian voters or other minorities will get out and vote. The Levi ad on the other hand expresses the importance of every vote and as an African-American male, I appreciate the commercial because it was inclusive, and it made me feel that my vote matters,” Tanner said.

The midterm election takes place Nov. 6. Celebrities and ad makers are stressing the importance of how now more than ever each and every vote counts, and how everyone should get out and vote.

“I believe so many people stress the fact that every vote matters, one, because it’s the truth. But most importantly, because it shows that we have the power to impact and as former President Barack Obama stated, ‘Be the change we want to see,’” Tanner said.