‘Bring It Home’ Rally

FAMU student Patrick Thomas and other supporters marching and chanting to the rally.
Photo submitted by Takeidria Thomas.

On Oct. 26. Mayor Andrew Gillum kicked off his bus tour at Florida A&M University, where he and students as well as members of the community marched to an early-voting rally held at Florida State’s Law school.

The purpose of the March is to encourage young voters to get out and vote. Many times a candidate wins an election because of a couple thousands votes. By gaining the votes of the youth, Mayor Gillum’s chances of winning the governor election can increase drastically.

Mayor Gillum will become Florida’s first African American governor if he wins the election.

The march began at FAMU’s eternal flame where Gillum and supporters locked arms as they walked a mile through the streets of South Tallahassee chanting several chants including “Bring it home” and “This is what democracy looks like.” Members of the crowd took turns leading chants as they went down Martin Luther King Jr Blvd making their way to Duval St and on to Jefferson St. where they met with supporters from Florida State University.

At the rally speakers along with Mayor Gillum included FAMU’s student body vice president Robyn Seniors, Director of the NAACP Youth and College Division, Tiffany Loftin, Democratic member Ramon Alexander and more, as well as a step performance from Famu’s chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi.

Loftin was amongst many who expressed the importance of young votes.

“Young people, we are the change we want to see,” said Lofton.

Mayor Gillum expressed the importance of young voters as he explained many believe young people are undependable and unfocused to be a factor in the election.

“It is your responsibility to prove them wrong” Gillum said. “The way we prove them wrong is by showing up like our lives depended on it.”  

Florida State Law student, Madeline Brezin was one of the many supports at the rally.

“Whoever we vote for sets the laws that lawyers have to enforce and defend. I am a future lawyer, so I take a lot of interest in that,” Brezin said.

“I am a very firm on women’s rights to choose,” she continued.

FAMU alumni, Akil Blount was another supporter who also marched with Mayor Gillum to the rally.

“Young people had the lowest participation rate in voting. As a young person and as a passionate person about our rights. I want to help make change for the better,” Blount said.

After the rally, supporters made their way across the street to the Donald L. Tucker civic Center where early voting was taking place.

Next on Gillum’s tour is the University of Florida in Gainesville. After that the he will make his way down the state to Central Florida and then finally to South Florida. By attending college campuses, Gillum can reach the youth first hand and show them the importance of voting and despite who they might be supporting.

Early voting in Florida will continue until November 3rd, while election day this year will be November 6th.