Big bend ghost trackers explore ghostly neighborhood

The Big Bend Ghost Trackers are a group of paranormal researchers and investigators that connect with ghosts in the Tallahassee area 
Photo Courtesy of Big Bend Ghost Trackers.

As many have survived most of the month of October, many are preparing to experience many more thrill and adventures on Halloween. While some people are waiting for that one day, it’s an ongoing experience for the citizens of Monticello who live and interact with the paranormal activity often in their city.

Considered as one of the most haunted small towns in America, Monticello citizens rely on groups like the Big Bend Ghost Trackers to get to the bottom of each mystery. Ghost tracker Melanie Davis enjoys helping others learn about ghosts and how to deal with the apparitions they may live with.  

“We decided to stay the night before the taping to check out the house and came across an apparition in the kid’s room upstairs,” Davis recalled. “While walking into the room, a rocking chair was rocking back and forth though no one was sitting in it.”

Founded in 2000 by former ghost tracker Betty Davis, the non-profit company is a team of professional paranormal investigators and researchers who are able to make contact with the spirits dwelling within the town. One reason Davis started the company was so those who have experienced paranormal activity could have a place to discuss without any judgment.

Having successfully completed over 125 private investigations, the Big Bend Ghost Trackers have appeared on shows on the History Channel and the Discovery Channel.

In order to make the service accessible, the company keeps rates down as low as possible. The company provides the home or business owners of the paranormal place a report of their findings and evidence collected free of charge within a two and a half hour one-way drive.

Engineering major Mataius Wilson always heard stories of paranormal activity happening in the Monticello area.

“I remember growing up and being told about the haunted city of Monticello,” Wilson revealed. “[About] how most houses in the city are haunted and those, whose house is cold inside; have ghosts living in them.”

One popular service of the company is the Historic Monticello Ghost Tour. These 90-minute walking tours led by the ghost trackers take place all throughout the year. On the tour, guests visit Monticello’s haunted locations and cemeteries. A large part of the proceeds from ticket sales goes to a local non-profit.

The company also provides ghost 101 classes free of charge to schools and universities in the Tallahassee area. These classes offer knowledge of equipment, photography and other features of dealing with ghosts and other paranormal activity. In the fall, a ghost hunting class is taught at Florida State University.

Overall the goal of the Big Bend Ghost Trackers is to end the fear that many people associates with paranormal encounters. In the future, the company hopes that more people will feel empowered by what they are doing and start their own groups.  

For information about prices and tour schedules, check out their Facebook page “Big Bend Ghost Trackers.”