Paddyfoote resident copes with mildew and mold

Mold found in a Paddyfoote dorm room.
Photo submitted by Jermaine Kershner

Nubia Campbell, a sophomore animal science major at Florida A&M University, has voiced multiple complaints concerning mold in her Paddyfote dorm room.

Mold issues have been a huge problem in dorms across Florida A&M University, according to many students.

“I’ve told maintenance about my problems and they will come out but fix things that have nothing to do with the issues concerning mold. It’s annoying because all I want to do is live peaceful and unharmed especially while I’m away from home,” Campbell said.

Campbell explained that her resident assistants (RAs) have tried to help her with complaints but time after time there did not seem to be an urgency to fix the problems.

“Thanks for submitting your maintenance request. Your request has been approved and assigned,” housing maintenance told Campbell in an Oct. 1 email.

This is the type of message students like Campbell get when they file a maintenance request. Campbell was mad when an employee from maintenance only sprayed a bleach substance and left.

Campbell explained that she even tried to get a room change and was met with even more bad news. She was told by housing that they where not positive that a new room wouldn’t also have the same issues that she dealt with before.

Tyler Perry, a freshman business administration major at FAMU, said he has filed maintenance requests but for some reason his issues have not been resolved.

“Although my stay in Paddyfote has been brief, it hasn’t been a pleasant one. As soon as you walk through the doors, the smell of mold and mildew greets you. I suffer from allergies and living with mold has only made me suffer more,” Perry said.

Perry says her issues have not been handled to her satisfaction, and she is fed up with how students are being treated with something as serious as a health hazard.