Frenchtown Farmers Market working with the community


The Frenchtown Farmers Market is open on Saturdays.
Photo submitted by Rikki Bell

The Frenchtown Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 9 a.a. until 1 p.m. The market is located at 524 North Martin Luther King Blvd.

“We come every Saturday because we want to give good, healthy food to people and the market makes it really accessible for anyone,” said Kevin Zak, a vendor.

The farmers market accepts Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program vouchers and it is part of a grant program, which allows customers to spend $40 of SNAP and get another $40 for free to use at the market.

The Frenchtown farmers will reopen on March 5 at the same location. Opening day will feature live music, guest speakers and local vendors with handmade and locally grown products.

In partnership with the Community Redevelopment Agency, the farmers market represents the first step to develop a local food business incubator in Tallahassee. This project is managed by the Frenchtown Neighborhood Improvement Association.

This is an effort to improve opportunities  for people of color, veterans, women and students. Their goal is to diversity the community by providing product and proprietor. The market hopes to create a more resilient, engaged, safe and thriving economy.

“Just because certain things aren’t in season doesn’t mean that people don’t need access to food,” said Gabrielle Maynard.

The farmers market wants to ensure that residents have access to a variety of fresh, naturally grown products such as honey, eggs, vegetables, baked goods, gourmet preserves, fruits and more.

The market welcomes all vendors and provides a table, tent and chairs for vendors with a fee of $10 per day. This is great to expand the sales potential and customer service for market vendors.

“I’ve been to the farmers market a lot and I thought the one thing you really don’t see here is any other artist, so it felt like it was a open spot for that. I spent a couple of weekends making these drawings. I got them printed out on a online service, and then I just came out and started selling them,” said William Leech.

The market encourages everyone to come out and enjoy its cool atmosphere while your shop. They also give customers the opportunity to attend one of their cooking demonstrations that include recipes and ideas for local goodies at home.

The market wants to promote growth in the community and goods for people to eat fresh and locally.