Jared Eummer, The man behind the dream

Jared Eummer . 
Photo courtesy of Jared Eummer. 

Jared Eummer is the man behind the dream.

Eummer, a 25-year-old graduate of Florida A&M University, is the CEO and founder of DreamxTeam Entertainment.

As a sophomore, Eummer hosted frequent socials at his then Adams Pointe apartment.  Eummer’s  neighbor, Chris Streat, would also host socials. The two would sometimes be in competition and these socials would attract up to 200 people at a time to their complex.

Eummer explained that the name DreamxTeam was inspired by the 1992 Olympic men’s basketball team, which was composed of the greatest athletes in the world and was arguably the best team ever assembled.

“One day I stopped by Streat’s apartment and pitched my idea of DreamxTeam and my want to change the way people party within Tallahassee. Initially Chris shot the name down but once I explained to him the concept, we ran with it,” said Eummer. “It was my vision to create a team as dominate as the 1992 men's Olympic basketball team were together and be able to take on any competition”.

With this vision DreamxTeam Entertainment, Event Planners for Young Professionals, was created in 2013 during FAMU Homecoming.

DreamxTeam began providing top nightlife experience in 2014 when it adopted its first weekly night at the Mint Lounge in conjunction with Soiree promotions. In 2015, DreamxTeam branched out and began its own weekly night at Recess night club.

With the graduation of Eummer in 2017, DreamxTeam accumulated its first partnership with Bacardi Limited, the largest privately held, family owned spirits company in the world. DreamxTeam also hosted “One night stand” during homecoming of 2017, which was an event holding over 2,000 attendees.

DreamxTeam is composed of over 20 students at Florida A&M. Each brings different skills to the table; whether it be event management, guerrilla marketing, or social influence.  

Streat, cofounder of DreamxTeam Ent., relayed his reassurance that DreamxTeam is in good hands. “These are some of the most driven and passionate young men I know. It has been a pleasure to see them grow and mature in not only life, but in this company,” Streat said.

Isaiah Butterfield, Stephen Brooks and Solomon Lamar are the three prodigies who were carefully selected by Eummer and Streat to run the ground operations of DreamxTeam in lieu of their absence. Their responsibilities include planning and executing events.

Butterfield expresses his gratitude for being picked as someone to ensure the DreamxTeam brand will continue to flourish, saying: “To me, a party was just going to the club to get drunk, now I know that parties are much deeper. I see the longevity of this company and I am lucky to be a part of the dream.”

DreamxTeam has since expanded its markets to cities including Orlando, Miami, New York City, Washington D.C. and Atlanta.

 Customers can expect DreamxTeam to continue to expand and provide exemplary nightlife experience as Houston, Philadelphia and Los Angeles are expected to be added to the list of participating cities by 2019.

This will only be the beginning as DreamxTeam Entertainment plans to expand internationally as it is eager to showcase its brand to the world.

Eummer encourages young millennials to chase after their dreams, all while enjoying themselves. He constantly gives the reminder to “Fear Nothing.”

 For more information on DreamxTeam Entertainment and any upcoming events, users may follow them on all social media outlets @DreamxTeament or contact them directly at dreammarketinggroupent@gmail.com