Fresh produce and arts come together at marketplace

 Several tables welcoming new faces to talk about organic items and fresh produce.
Photo submitted by Kiana Bryant

The Tallahassee Downtown Marketplace is open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Saturday from March through November. It offers fresh, homegrown produce and organic items.

 Locals and people from surrounding areas have made the Park Avenue market a weekly habit. Fresh bread, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables are all available. You can also look for fresh cut flowers and native plants. Most of the farmers welcome WIC checks.

David Kadiri, a senior at FAMU, attends the Tallahassee Downtown Marketplace event regularly. “This event is perfect for people who love organic food. The scenery is also very relaxing because all the tables were very welcoming to explaining what was on their table. I enjoy going to the marketplace on Saturdays, it gives me something to look forward to,” said Kadiri.

The setting gives off a calm, positive aura. People relax while local musicians play their music on stage, authors and poets present readings of their latest works, and local artists showcase their fine arts and crafts. As you continue walking downtown through Park Avenue, there are special events that bring hands-on art activities for children or sneak previews of upcoming cultural events.

Robert Jones, a senior at FAMU, also attended the marketplace on Saturday. “Being that I’m a vegetarian, I like going to the marketplace. Each Saturday it’s a refreshing vibe to have a walk downtown and be able to get new organic items,” said Jones.

Shanda Pride, a Tallahassee local, gives some insight on the Tallahassee marketplace experience. “My entire family goes to the marketplace every other Saturday. We always get bread and eggs because most of the farmers accept WIC. It’s a great event for Tallahassee locals and vegetarians specifically to go to and have a nice time. I like the music, and also I like that they have activities for kids too.”

You can celebrate food, art, music and fun in the park while having access to organic items. For more than 20 years, Tallahassee natives have gathered beneath the stately live oaks in one of city’s historic areas. The Downtown Tallahassee Marketplace has established itself as one of the city’s top traditions.