Terror of Tallahassee spooks local community

Outside of the Terror of Tallahassee building located on Lake Bradford Road. 
Photo courtesy of the Terror of Tallahassee 

For those looking to get into the Halloween spirit in Tallahassee, you don’t have to look too far. One local favorite is the Terror of Tallahassee located on 1408 Lake Bradford Road.  

Terror of Tallahassee is an annual haunted attraction that opens to the public every October. Children are allowed to visit but must be accompanied by an adult if they are under the age of thirteen. With a performance area of more than 20,000 square feet, Terror of Tallahassee is the largest haunted house in North Florida.

Terror of Tallahassee is also a nonprofit organization operated by Florida State University (FSU) alumnus Kurt Kuersteiner.

Kuersteiner admitted to always having a deep passion for haunted houses and believes his attraction is much more different than other haunted houses.

Located on Lake Bradford Road, the Terror of Tallahassee is a favorite local attraction.  
Photo courtesy of the Terror of Tallahassee 

“What separates ‘Terror’ from well-known haunted houses is the way the tours are divided,” Kuersteiner explained.

Unlike corporate haunts such as Halloween Horror Nights, the attraction admits patrons in small intimate groups rather than in lines. This prevents guests from knowing what is around the corner and seeing the reaction of other guests.

The company also raises money for other non-profit organizations by letting them sell tickets and hire staff members to work for the haunted house.

Each year the group changes its theme to keep the spook going for newcomers and reoccurring goers.

The theme this year is “sleep”, which is centered on a person’s hallucinations, nightmares, insomnia and visions. When you arrive, things may seem a bit strange. As you enter the door will slam behind you and you may feel someone tap you on the shoulder.  

Nursing major at Tallahassee Community College, Sierra Partridge, enjoys activities that cause an adrenaline rush.

“Terror of Tallahassee is super spooky. I literally have nightmares,” Partridge explained. “It’s the best attraction for daredevils like me.”

For more than two decades, the creepy warehouse located on Gaines Street was recognizable to the public and drew much needed attention during Halloween. In 2014 the owner sold the property, and Terror of Tallahassee needed a new beginning.

One reoccurring guest is FSU student Megan Schaffer. She believes the owner is doing good things for the community while providing a local Halloween treat.

“I have been to Terror of Tallahassee every year,” Schaffer stated. “I love what Kurt is doing for the community. Not only does he scare the heck out of people, but he also gives back in numerous ways.”

Large crowds are expected during this time and season, but wait times are reasonable and guests believe the attraction is worth it.

For those looking for an unexpected fright this Halloween season, the Terror of Tallahassee is a must see.  You may also visit TerrorofTallahassee.com to view more information and to see the days and times the attraction will be held.