Cancer Knockout Foundation celebrates survivors

Dianne Williams-Cox, encouraging survivors that the fight is not over.
Photo submitted by Yayri Hazell 

The month of October is dedicated to raising awareness and educating the community about breast cancer.

The Cancer Knockout Foundation celebrated its 5th Annual Survivors Conference Thursday at Capital City Country Club.

Featured was the inaugural survivors banquet where survivors were honored for overcoming breast cancer or persevering through their ongoing fight.

The banquet guest speaker, Aniela McGuinness, a ilm and television actress, shared her story of being a breast cancer survivor.

Cancer Knockout Foundation was founded by Towanda Davis, a breast cancer survivor.

"Every year we have the survivors conference. We wanted to do something different and more impactful,” Davis said. “I wanted to give back to the local community, and this was an opportunity for us to pour back into our community. We wanted to be a blessing to our local survivors, here in Tallahassee.”

The event focused not only on encouraging and empowering the survivors who attended, but it brought awareness to the Cancer Knockout Foundation.

Dianne Williams-Cox, Davis’ best friend, explained that cancer is not the final word.

“This event is awesome and timely.  We should celebrate life every day. However, we need to celebrate those who have earned their wings. They did not lose, but we celebrate those who are still here.”

It’s imperative that women and men need to know that cancer is not the final destination. There are ways to prevent this by knowing your body and knowing what to look for; it is the best way to prevent diseases and to stay healthy.  

Shonda Davis, the mistress of ceremonies, won her fight against breast cancer. This event was her time to connect with other survivors and give hope to those who are continuing their fight.

“This event is important because of awareness and celebration of life. Even though we are survivors, every time we meet a survivor we become aware of something different about the fight or the disease. Not only does it connect the survivors but it connects the caregivers, doctors and the supporters.”

The event also provided a free dinner to breast cancer survivors.