New chants trending at sporting events

2018-2019 King of Orange and Green,  Mark Nicolas as he starts up a chant.
Photo submitted by Nubian Dae Jean-Charles

FAMU continues to evolve as students develop new trends to promote school spirit. Make no mistake: Rattlers are full of trendsetters who create various ways to engage students in campus activities.

One of the goals at sporting events is finding new ways to involve the crowd. What started as a chant at a 2018 basketball game is transitioning into a fun and exciting movement.

“Two claps and a strike” is a campaign designed to promote Rattler excellence, boost student morale and enhance campus spirit.

Whenever a touchdown is scored or another positive play takes place, the crowd follows by preforming two claps and a strike.

This movement was created and advertised by the 2017-2018 King of Orange and Green Bryton LeGree.

“The message behind two claps and a strike is motivation, designed to encourage people to reach their goals while having fun doing it. You may hear the saying, ‘secure the bag,’ well two claps and a strike means bag secured,” LeGree said.

Senior nursing major Jazmine Simms said: “I enjoy the new FAMU chant, it’s fun to do and easy to remember.”

When FAMU defeated NC A&T, students rushed to their Twitter timelines posting the hand clap and snake emojis, encouraging other students to let them get two claps and a strike.

“The two claps and a strike chant is one of my favorites and the day I heard it I was enticed to learn it,” freshman business administration major Deja Clements said. “It’s quick, memorable, engaging and attention grabbing. Whenever called, everyone is quick to do it.”

Students constantly find new ways to engage the crowd at athletic games, inspiring the players in hopes of a win.

Mark Nicolas, a senior theater student and the 2018-2019 King of Orange and Green, recently started another chant. It starts with the crowd preforming two claps and a strike followed by shouting “WOOOHOOO.”

“As King of Orange and Green, I want to use my chant to get students driven in being a Rattler. Every game I do something new to keep things fresh but let me get two claps and a strike as well as WOOHOO!!! is becoming a crowd favorite,” Nicolas said.

At each athletic event, more students become aware of the movement and eagerly join in.  From the chants at Bragg Stadium to the tweets on Twitter, “two claps and a strike” and “WOOHOO” is rising with hopes of becoming a new FAMU tradition.