Group knits hats for cancer victims

 Barbara K Linton, founder of Courage Through Cancer. 
Photo Courtesy of The CTC website.

Courage Through Cancer Ministries is a nonprofit Christian cancer support ministry. It is dedicated to helping those whose lives have been touched by cancer.

CTC is governed by a board of directors to ensure that the ministry is accomplishing the vision of CTC.

A knitting ministry is just one part of CTC. The free knitting event takes place every third Saturday of the month at the Leon County Northeast Branch Library. On Saturday, CTC had two volunteers come out and knit hats.

The organization is hoping to gain more volunteers before the year is over. CTC has given out close to 900 handmade knit hats this year.

“I know I like to knit, that’s why I was interested. On top of that, I had two deaths in my family from cancer. One was from breast cancer and the other was from lung cancer. So this was just touching to me at the moment. We have to make sure we go all out for breast cancer awareness month,” said Asia Lloyd.

CTC has a toll free number that people can call to listen to words of hope and encouragement. It provides cancer care packages that include a copy of the founder’s book, “Living with Cancer,” a handmade knit hat, lotion, tissue, a prayer request card, and a bible.

CTC goes into Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare’s cancer centers, chemo cancer centers, and other sites to pass out the handmade knit hats.

“I love the way this helps people. The way that God is present and I feel like I’m doing a good thing. Even though, it’s a little thing I’m hoping that the little things can help someone else,” said Sharon Herald.

Barbara K. Linton, a 10-year cancer survivor, founded CTC. Linton’s life has been transformed by God through her cancer experience.

She tells her journey with cancer in her book “Living with Cancer,” which gives strength and hope to others battling cancer in their own lives or family.

“My husband lost his mother, cousin, aunt and uncle to cancer. When I met Barbara she began to tell me about it and I said gosh I love it. Just helping people. That’s mainly the goal, even if it’s nothing but listening to them,” said Peggy Johnson.

CTC exists to uplift people who are battling cancer, giving people another outlet of confront to reassure hope.