Public health major finds success in cooking

"Lovett's Kitchen" is known for the eight homemade sauces that customers can choose from.
Photo submitted by Gabe Lovett.

Florida A&M University public health major Gabe Lovett turned his passion into a side hustle. That side hustle is “Lovett Kitchen”, which specializes in fresh ingredients and great customer service. “Lovett’s Kitchen” is open Thursday through Sunday typically from 2 p.m. to 12 a.m.

“Lovett’s Kitchen” came about in August of this year when Lovett wanted a change. Though he currently has a job as a promoter, Lovett knew he wanted to try something that he had a real passion for.  

His true passion was cooking – which Lovett didn’t know would be so successful.

“I had wanted to throw a taster, and all I needed were fifteen people and no one showed up. “My mom had purchased all this chicken and I had to find something to do,” Lovett recalled. “So, I decided to get on social media and promote to sell all of the chicken that was purchased it. I have watched it take off from one customer to a steady flow of people who want to really taste and eat my food and turn into loyal customers.”

Lovett feels what sets him apart is his love for the customers and everything he does is customizable. Lovett has eight signature sauces that are all made from scratch instead of sauces that are purchased from the store.

The reputation of “Lovett’s Kitchen” is on the rise due to the rave reviews on the boneless wings, tenders, and the fan favorite homemade sauces.

Loyal customer Tia Sinclair notes the customer service makes the experience more enjoyable.

“My favorite things to get are the spinach salad and grilled chicken,” Sinclair stated.  “I love that he provides a fun and friendly environment for his guest.”

Lovett knows that running a business takes time, money and education. That is why Lovett is very grateful for criminal justice major Urban Phillips. Phillips is not only an investor of “Lovett’s Kitchen” but also Lovett’s business partner.

“I see it from when it first started and until know the business has grown a lot I have seen it grow from five to six customers to eighty plus,” Phillips explained. “He loves what he does and that’s why I invested in it and the food is actually pretty good!”

Since being in business for a short couple of months, Lovett used his reputation as a promoter and social media presence to really build a backing for “Lovett’s Kitchen”.

FAMU employee Mel Walters recommended that potential customers give the business a try due to Lovett’s attention to detail.

“I call him the sauce god! He is going to make sure that the sauces are like roses and flowers”, Walters explained. “My favorite things to eat are the boneless wings, shrimp and tenders.”

For up and coming entrepreneurs, Lovett’s advice is to get started on their passion as soon as possible.

Lovett has his hand in many future ventures especially with his LLC, “Lovett’s Marketing”. Though he doesn’t know what those future endeavors may hold, Lovett said he is unafraid of failure since that will teach you everything about running a business.