Early voting underway

Early voting started Monday in Leon County.
Photo submitted by Landy Coulanges.

There are less than two weeks until the mid-term election on Tuesday, Nov. 6. That Tuesday is expected to be a busy day as many will be on their way to cast a vote before it is too late.

But you don’t have to wait until Nov. 6 to participate: Early voting polls opened Monday in Leon and 31 other counties in Florida.

They will remain open until Sunday, Nov. 4.

Many students and citizens took advantage Monday to stop at one of the voting locations in Tallahassee.

Some locations were at precincts such as the Leon County Courthouse, FSU Tucker Center (east entrance), and Dr. B.L. Perry, Jr. Branch Library on South Adams Street, which was very convenient for FAMU students.

The voting process was simple and it allowed individuals to be in and out with proof of I.D. Some individuals set up outside poll locations with chairs showcasing who should be supported before a decision is made. Emanuel Hudson said that it is important to take advantage of the opportunity to vote early.

“Avoid the rush and long lines. If you already made your mind up go head do it and be done with it,” said Hudson.

The strategy is to give citizens a week to work around their schedule to come in and cast their ballot to avoid traffic on election day. Logically it sounds like the perfect plan but in reality many people will wait for the big day. According to www.leonvotes.org, Dr BL Perry precinct had a total of 1,663 citizens cast votes during the August primary election.

Kenna Forehand said it is important to be an active citizen and do your duty to vote. Do not put if off, Forehand said.

Dr BL Perry location was very convenient for me because it is a mile away from my house. There was no line and it’s great. Last time, I used to vote in North Carolina and I waited three hours because I did not do early voting. So trust me, this is the way to go,” said Forehand.

It is not the time to procrastinate because there is plenty of time to avoid the anxiety of casting a vote on Nov. 6. Citizens are encouraged to be proactive and use your time wisely. For more information visit www.leonvotes.org.