‘Consent is Sexy’ event draws a crowd

Students gathered in the Villages to learn about sexual consent.
Photo submitted by Kiana Bryant.

A group of Florida A&M students hosted an event Monday night in the FAMU Village Game Day room to prevent sexual assault.

The Beta Alpha chapter of Delta Sigma Theta sorority, Big Brother Little Brother Mentoring program, Generation Action, FAMU’s SGA, and WAR FAMU came together to bring awareness to sexual assault and sexual harassment.

The panel discussion was called “Consent is Sexy.” It consisted of a few FAMU students who talked about sexual harassment. Each student gave their opinion about promoting consent when having sexual intercourse.

Hector Mardy, a sophomore, was a panelist. “Sex is simple. Yes, means yes, and no means no. If it feels wrong then it probably is,” said Mardy.

Sexual harassment has always been a topic that needs to be talked about. This event brought awareness by talking about sensitive topics and giving the audience a chance to speak on certain topics regarding sexual consent.

Pamphlets were distributed about sex education, staying healthy and also condoms for both men and women.

Tania Williams, a junior and a panelist, shared her thoughts on consent. “It is very important for us to be having a panel about sexual consent because a lot of people aren’t aware of what defines sexual consent. I believe this is a great first step in improving awareness and making things better for anyone who has been a victim. People will now see a clear understanding between yes and no,” said Williams.

Students will often detour away from speaking on certain topics, but this event brought students together to help guide each other of the pros of having safe sex and being able to prevent sexual assault.

Armonie Mack, a sophomore, attended the event and explained why she thinks this is a good way to get informed. “Consent plays a major role in having sex. You should always discuss this with your partner up front. I feel like this was a great event to have on campus being that we are college students. I am glad this event had a positive outcome.”

The event was well attended, and some people couldn’t find a seat. According to several students who arrived late, they said they were glad they came. These students were eager to learn more about sexual consent and preventing sexual assault.