Breast Cancer Awareness in the senate chambers

FAMU Student Government Association "Pink Out" Senate meeting. 
Photo submitted by Angelique Beckford.

Florida A&M senate members hosted a “Pink Out” Senate meeting in dedication to Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October. Student Relations Committee Chair, Taylor Young presented this meeting to be dedicated to the severity of breast cancer and presented a powerpoint on several ways to “Know Your Breast Cancer Status.”

“The student relations committee wanted to bring awareness to students and staff on the seriousness of breast cancer. It can be something that’s overlooked,” said Young.

The chambers were decorated with pink balloons and ribbons, and all ladies in the Senate dressed in pink.

Young invited breast cancer survivor and pharmacist, Sonya Reddick, to speak during the meeting about breast cancer awareness.

“Know your family history.  It is vital that all ladies go to the doctor frequently to check your breast for early detection of breast cancer,” said Reddick.

Sophomore student and Campus Activity Vice Chair London Campbell updated the Senate on all upcoming events such as the Domestic Violence Seminar, The Pink Out carnival, and the Voting Awareness Drive. Campbell also discussed the Junior Graduates Cabinet plan to have a “transition to grad school panel.”

“The importance of this panel [transition to grad school panel] is to help those undergraduate students who are planning to attend grad school,” said Campbell.

Deborah Lewis, Vice president of the National Education of Higher Learning organization, discussed her tour to the National Higher Education conference in Chicago.

“This organization is an advocate for justice and equality. We want students to know that their voice matters in every aspect,” said Lewis.

Kaelin Randle, Melinda Honore, Jade Bryant, Kiomi Hughes, Jasmine Reed, and Jefferey Simmons were confirmed as the new secretaries in these following departments: Student Welfare, Deputy of State, Surgeon General, and Senior Senator. These six students individually answered a series of questions presented by the Senate in front of the student body.

Randle will be returning to hold the position as Deputy Secretary of Student Welfare and is proud to present new initiatives.

“As the former Deputy Secretary of Student Welfare I plan to Publicize the artist and creatives we have at FAMU by having a MET Gala at Foster Tanner showcasing their work, “said Randle.

Chairman Jean Baptist talked about how the student government recently received all 11 new senators; eight freshmen and three graduate students.

“What I have to do as Internal Development Select chair is facilitate and plan trainings to get the senators acquainted with changes to documents or new procedures,” said Baptist.

Baptist plans to facilitate a training next week with all new senators.  This will consist of the senators introducing themselves to all documents, procedures, and committees.

The Senate meeting ended with Taylor Young highlighting how successful homecoming “Spirit Week” during homecoming was.

“The student relations committee want to continue to build the spirit of the students and university,” said Young. Young commented that the committee is planning different concepts for the students to participate during Halloween and The Classic.