Church collecting donations for hurricane victims

Family Worship and Praise Center is collecting items to donate to victims of Hurricane Michael.
Photo submitted by Yayri Hazell

Family Worship and Praise Center is collecting items for a Hurricane Michael relief drive.

The church is encouraging the community to donate to help families and children who have been impacted by Hurricane Michael.

Tracye Hines, minister at Family Worship & Praise Center, also serves with the Evangelism/Outreach Ministry.

Michael said it’s important for the community to get involved. “Jesus’ word says what we do to the least of deeds is what we do unto him. We are doing this and reaching to those who are in need and never experienced a tragedy like this. We are trying to cater to people in the name of Christ so that they can know that God loves them and people care about their needs,” Michel said.

Family Worship and Praise Center (FWPC) is more than just a church. It's the pivotal point where believers pray, worship and enjoy fellowship. It is the foundation of all that they do to deliver lost souls through programs, ministries, services and more. The church is located at 2344 Lake Bradford Road.

Hurricane Michael struck Florida’s Panhandle with fury on Oct.10. Many are still without power, have lost their homes, jobs, and are in need of help. Many have not experienced a catastrophic event like this and some may feel they will never recover. That is why FWPC wants the community to get involved in giving back.

Pastor Quincy Devon Griffin, Sr. said: “This drive is important because we are the church. We are the light of the world. The world is going to look for us as a blessing. Beyond tithes and offerings, people have hearts that want to give to the community and give to the regions of the people who are suffering. Why not use what God has given us to be a blessing.”

Members of the church want to help those who are struggling to recover from Hurricane Michael.

“I think the beauty of what Family Worship and Praise Center is that they are willing to help people.  We are trying to fill these trucks up with items that people need. It does not matter who you are or what church you attend. Our true purpose is to help people,” said Grace Stroger, a FWPC member.

To donate or to partner with the church, visit or call 850-656-9378.