A local, safe haven for pregnant women

Pregnancy center for women and families on Gadsden street. 
Photo submitted by Christina Compere

When you find out that you are pregnant, the first few things that come to mind are the options.

It’s not just about the pro-life and pro-choice options for your future, but the options available to you locally to help make that decision in a calm and comfortable setting.

The Pregnancy Help and Information (PHI) center allows you to make an appointment for a counseling session and to learn about the resources available to expecting mothers.

This 44-year-old pregnancy center was started in 1974 and is located on Gadsden Street on the south side of Tallahassee. It is in walking distance from FAMU and Florida State. The center offers weekly classes on different topics that can arise in parenthood. Yes, there are classes just for dads, too.

Class topics range from car seat safety, swaddling techniques, breastfeeding and even the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

The building is an open concept upon entry to see artistic murals around the offices and classrooms. The diverse staff is full of community volunteers, pastors, local business people and even some college interns to help teach the classes. Other professionals like a registered nurse is on site for free pregnancy tests and ultra sounds.

After each class the parent is allowed one free book from the children’s bookshelf and a free shopping spree in the basement store filled with donated baby items like diapers, clothes, toys, baby food and much more.

The PHI center is solely funded by donations so the money used to buy these items is really fake Monopoly dollars that you save and get for attending a class or other rewards like being on time. But the main reason why it’s a safe haven is by seeing other pregnant moms to exchange the experience with.

Being miles away from family or just needing a place to express your experience in being a new mom or dad is where community centers like the PHI center become a quality resource.

Learn more about the PHI center at http://phicenter.org