T&M Transportation offers a less expensive lift

Terrence McNair of T&M Transportation.
Raiyana Malone | The Famuan

As the son of a mother who never owned a driver’s license, Terrence Kintay McNair knows firsthand what it is like to have a desire to get somewhere but not the means to get there. McNair’s personal experiences and selfless character propelled him to be the dedicated entrepreneur he is today.

After working for a local cab company, City Taxi, McNair, 41, decided to test drive the idea of owning a ride-sharing company.  

“Sometimes you want to go places and do things that are too far to walk; if you do get a ride people charge a large amount,” McNair said.

The hidden costs of taxi companies and the prices for one-way Uber and Lyft rides encouraged McNair to operate his business in a fair and respectable fashion.

McNair recalls an instance where he picked up a lady who needed a roundtrip ride to the grocery store to pick up her medicine and groceries. After paying for her necessities she realized that she didn’t have enough money for the roundtrip. The lady told McNair that she would walk home, but McNair graciously rejected her offer and drove her home free of charge.

McNair believes that what sets him apart from his more established competitors is, “safer rides, cleaner cars and all rides [remain] affordable,” he said.

In comparison with its competitors, T&M Transportation — which launched Sept. 1 — only charges a $6 flat rate whereas Yellow Cab starts off at $2.50 per mile.

The one thing that McNair wants customers to be aware of is that he looks out for the best interests of all his customers while safeguarding his name and his business. The passionate CEO takes extra precaution by placing audio and video-enabled cameras in each of his vehicles.

His childhood friend, Lashonda Harrison, said that McNair has always had a sense of community and has applied it to every aspect of his life.

“He’s always been a good all-around person,” said Harrison, “ Harrison has noticed McNair’s hard work for quite some time and sees his company being bigger than it is.

Marie McNair, his wife of three years, noted how McNair is making a big difference in the community. “[His company] extends far beyond Tallahassee and even reaches Quincy, Florida.”

Marie also mentioned that the same humble and kind heartedness that McNair brings to his company are the same qualities that initially attracted her to him some years ago.

With the support of his family, the help of the community and his faith in the Lord, McNair sees his business expanding far beyond the Tallahassee area in 5 to 10 years.

For free quotes or estimates, T&M Transportation can be reached at (850) 445-6739.