Was It worth staying put during the storm?

When you think of a hurricane, what comes to mind first?

Well, one thing that was heavy on students’ minds as Hurricane Michael approached last week was evacuation. But some were not that lucky to just get up and go.

As the Category 4 storm made its presence known in Tallahassee, damage was done. The power went out. Schools were closed.

For many, it was mayhem. Things got so bad that students and residents who stayed off campus had to resort in checking into shelters and hotels just to have electricity.

“I’m just glad I was able to make it through the storm without any casualties because I know others were not as lucky,” said Alexis Julian, a sophomore health care management student.

Michael caused people to be trapped in homes in the aftermath of trees that collapsed. Just west of Tallahassee, Panama City and Marianna were left in ruins.

Florida A&M University also had charter buses that students could get on to go back to their hometowns to evacuate.

Corey Jones, a sophomore accounting major said: “During the hurricane I was glad that everyone was safe and the fact that I had food and water was a blessing.”

Students who stayed got to see firsthand the importance of taking precaution when gruesome storms like this come around. Generators were installed in dorms to make sure that students had electricity and box meals were distributed on campus as well to make sure students ate.

Stores and local business establishments where closed with no power. This made things a little unbearable for some students who had no meal plan and for those who stayed off campus with no vehicle. Police were out and about as well patrolling various areas. The city was covered in darkness after dusk, and the police presence made sure break-ins were not a problem.

 “I felt like there was not enough notifications and time to prepare for the storm. I was just thankful it didn’t affect us like the news portrayed it would,” said Keshon Davis, a sophomore pre-occupational therapy major.

Hurricane Michael humbled many and showed people why you cannot take life for granted. It also allowed people to see what their decisions for evacuation should be the next time something like this occurs.