Pumpkins in spotlight at sorority event

Kappa Delta Chi Pumpkin Painting Social
Jasmine Williams | The Famaun

The Latina-founded sorority Kappa Delta Chi hosted a pumpkin painting social Thursday as a way to recruit new members.  It took place at the Dunlap Student Success Center on Florida State’s campus, and anyone interested in becoming a member of the sorority was encouraged to attend.

Kappa Delta Chi (HDChi) is a Latina-founded sorority, but not exclusive to Latinas and Hispanics. This national sorority promotes graduation, academic excellence and professional development. Members of the sorority on FSU’s campus exemplify these characteristics because they host events for FSU students every month, with their most recent event being a pumpkin painting social.

According to nolecentral.org website, the organization's purpose is to promote the values of unity, honesty, leadership and integrity.

This event was hosted by the president of Kappa Delta Chi, Bianca Pumarejo. “We invite people who are interested in our sorority. I did want to do something with the Halloween theme so I chose a pumpkin painting social,” she said.

At the pumpkin painting social, there were miniature pumpkins on each table for visiting students. The event was described as an external social, which means that anyone in the public could attend. They also provided food and drinks for students. KDChi goes through numerous service events throughout the year to help better individuals in all aspects.

Students ideally grow into leaders and help guide the next generation to success.

Stephanie Bohigas, KDChi council delegate,  explained that she gets in contact with other counsels like MPHC, IFC, and Panhellenic to unify the greek organization. “Today we are reaching out to the FSU population to see if there is anyone interested in joining our organization.”

This organization is dedicated to community service for their local university communities while focusing on the Hispanic and Latino population. At this event, there were about 18 people in attendance. It was a small crowd but, according to students there, it was a fun and inviting experience. These eager young ladies are ready to make a difference in their communities with the sorority.

Secretary Cris Renner explained that their organization is recruiting. The Kappa Delta Chi (HDChi) rush week will be in November.

 “We do events leading up to that, so girls can know if they will be more serious about it,” Renner said.