Introducing DJ TwanDaGuy

Antoine Mercidieu is better known as DJ Twan Da Guy.
Photo courtesy DBDL Photography

Students at Florida State University (FSU) will say that DJ TwanDaGuy is the people’s choice.

Since 2014, the FSU alumnus, whose real name is Antoine Mercidieu, has made a name for himself by creating the perfect vibes with his music stylings.

“Music has been in my life since the beginning, helping me through high school and college. I study music and it helps me with my mind. I consider it the No. 1 thing in my life,” said Mercidieu.

Tallahassee has bred many notable DJ’s such as DJ Demp and DJ Loosekid, both official DJ's for Florida A&M University since 2010.

Mercidieu said, “I look up to a lot of local and statewide DJ’s like DJ Loosekid, DJ Jam, DJ Kerry Joe, and my mentor, DJ Jazzy Jef.”

Mercidieu and DJ Jazzy Jef, a previous DJ at FSU, met at an event in 2014 after connecting through social media. Mercidieu gravitated toward Jazzy Jef when he took heed of how skilled he was, being able to control the atmosphere with his music selection.

When elaborating on their relationship, Mercidieu said, “One thing he always told me was to always be the hardest working individual.”

Jazzy Jeff has been a witness. “Twan has grown ever since I’ve known him. He takes the craft serious and identifies new ways to revolutionize not only himself but the profession as well,” he said.

When asked to describe his disc jockeying style in five words, Mercidieu said, “My style is creative, fun, interactive, personable and particular.”

“There are a lot of songs that many DJ’s choose not to play. It’s always an important thing for me to play certain songs that catch the ear and make people think, I like this DJ because he is very strategic with his platform,” said Mercidieu.

His ability to cater to his audience and create the perfect vibe led to his well-known tagline, “‘Twan Gone Vibe.’”

Mercidieu was born and raised in Broward County and graduated from FSU with a degree in interdisciplinary social sciences, economics and social entrepreneurship.

Outside of being a DJ for FSU’s social events, you can catch him behind the turntables during happy hour at Tallahassee’s newest restaurant, Fuzzy Tacos, located at 1600 W. Call St.

He is currently transitioning into marketing and management with aspirations of starting his own marketing company. He recently hosted Shem, the EP of an up-coming local Christian rapper, Shem Rivera.

“Twan is more than a DJ around Tallahassee. He’s a genuinely great guy who cares for the well-being of everyone around him. His disc jockeying talent speaks for itself, but his personality is what makes him stand out from the rest,” said Shem.

In the near future, he plans to pursue an MBA with a concentration in business analytics and build one of the largest full-service entertainment companies in the country.

“I like to influence and help people improve on their craft. I want to work with artists and small minority businesses. I believe everyone has the chance to be successful but not everyone is allotted the assistance needed to take the right path,” Mercidieu said.