FAMU students shouldn’t feel slighted by new ‘FSU Target’

Billboard on advertising the new FSU Target.
Chanetris Chance | The Famuan

Many are excited about the new Target that opened on West Tennessee Street this summer.

The store is a part of Target’s plan to build small-format stores in neighborhoods and college-populated areas. On billboards around town, the company promotes the new store as an “FSU Target.”

 According to the corporation’s news and feature section, the stores are designed to assist students in their shopping experience.

“Luckily, Target’s new stores are making it easier for many college students to shop and get everything they need, from move-in day to finals week,” said Target officials.

Although many are excited about a new Target on the edge of FSU’s campus, some are confused and others are offended.

Some Florida A&M students are wondering why the large corporation would promote it as an FSU Target when there are multiple colleges in Tallahassee.

Nursing student of FAMU, Gabrielle Alexandre shared her concern about the priority FSU already has in Tallahassee.

 “In a city where there is already a clear division between FSU and FAMU students, naming this Target as such only increases the gap,” said Alexandre. “When I first saw the signs, I’m not going to lie it made me feel like I shouldn’t be there. I’m not an FSU student.”

Biology student of FAMU and Target employee Kira Croom feels indifferent: “I don’t think it’s anything personal. Yes, I’d love to have a FAMU Target but it is what it is. It looks that FSU owns or partners with everything in Tallahassee, but it’s a big school. I blame the football team.”

While it is known that there are three colleges in Tallahassee, FAMU business professor David Moore said it’s called the FSU Target because FSU students generate more foot traffic.

“It’s called the FSU Target because it’s practically on Florida State’s campus,” Moore said.  “They generate more foot traffic. Those stores are designed to suit the needs of students and that’s where the largest student population is.”

Out of all the college-based small-format stores that Target has opened, it has not opened any HBCU-based stores. However, that doesn’t mean that Target hasn’t supported FAMU or any other HBCU.

A few years ago Target hosted shopping parties for FAMU students at night to encourage back to college shopping.

Target takes pride in its community service and its acceptance of everyone. Even though the store is called the FSU Target, it is a store for students and the community. There’s no need to get wrapped up in a name.