Freshman senator leading by example

Ke’Andre Moreno is a Miami native in his first year at FAMU.
Photo courtesy of Ke’Andre Moreno.

Ke’Andre Moreno is not a typical freshman senator.

Moreno, one of eight freshmen senators who were recently sworn in to be part of Florida A&M’s 48th Student Senate, is a sociology major from Miami. He attended Miami Northwestern High School.

It has not been an easy journey for him; not having his father in his life made it tough for him to learn how to be the best man he could be.

Despite his setbacks, he persevered and is making his mother proud by serving the FAMU student body by being a senator. “When Ke’Andre first told me he wanted to be a senator my first thought was I can definitely see him sitting in one of those seats. I not only believed he meets all the qualifications to get the job done but I knew he would be that voice for our student body,” said Taylor Hall, a freshman psychology major.

Moreno is proud to be a Rattler. “My passion for FAMU came from being amazed by the rich history of the university and the atmosphere on campus,” he said. “Seeing the potential for abundant growth is what ignited my passion to serve as a senator, notwithstanding my general interest in politics.”

As a senator, Moreno plans to work cooperatively with his colleagues to achieve their common goal of making FAMU a better university. He said he wants to be a student leader who exemplifies geniality.

Moreno has already started making plans to work together with his fellow senators on better recruitment for the university. “I will be willing to partner with Ke’Andre on an initiative that focuses on attracting new students because of his ability to connect with people on a personal level,” said Maurice Gilbert, a freshmen senator and an economics major.

Moreno had a dream to be a student leader, but did not know how to put plans into action. He was able to have someone be his campaign manager to assist him in turning his dream into reality. His campaign manager was Charity Graham, freshman public relations major. “I knew Ke’Andre was capable of leading his classmates because he was already doing it. He would always address events going on on campus and keep the class informed through GroupMe, all without being asked to do so. He truly has the best interest for his class at heart and he will be the change people want to see at FAMU,” Graham said.

Moreno said: “My education will remain priority No. 1 while here at FAMU. I still will work 110 percent in my position and let my future endeavors be determined by my growth and experiences throughout my matriculation at FAMU.”