FAMU student wants all women to be BOSS

FAMU student wants all women to be BOSS.
Photo Courtesy of Victoria Holland.

Victoria Holland is making a difference in the lives of college women.

A 21-year-old journalism major at Florida A&M, Holland created the organization Building Omnipotent and Sacrosanct Souls, better known as BOSS, to give females in college better guidance.

Holland, born in Brunswick, Georgia, wants to help women succeed, and she believes FAMU is the best place to start. The lack of guidance she received her freshman year plays a huge role in why she created BOSS.

BOSS was formed to assist young college girls with college and career readiness. Her aim is to assist members with internships and entrepreneurial skills. Holland wants females to feel like they have a real sisterhood in this organization.

Holland went through a hard time during her sophomore year maintaining grades while dealing with her parents’ lack of support.

“My parents stopped supporting me in every way. They left me without a car, money, or food,” said Holland.

For the first time in her life, she was left to support herself.

In her eyes, being a boss means refusing to take no as an answer. She wants to instill a sense of direction and self-awareness in each individual.

She promised herself she would never see another woman go through what she did on FAMU’s campus without a support system.

“You don’t see girls encouraging each other to reach newer heights everyday,” said Holland.  

She is more than sure that the quicker BOSS gets them equipped for internships, the better off they will be.

The group had its first karaoke night in Paddyfoote on Tuesday. The event was open to all college females looking to sing and mingle with each other.

“I think BOSS has helped me find a genuine sisterhood,” said Zsacoya Irvin, a graduating senior at FAMU. Irvin transferred to FAMU two years ago, and has always dreamed of being around multiple like-minded women.

At the core of it all Holland wants everyone to know that even if you aren’t in the organization BOSS will have open arms and ears to anyone who needs to be around a good group of people. A good reason to join is to simply grow.

Holland created a quote. “Bid on yourself with the highest bid.” She used this quote to let women know how important it is to make sure you are first at all times, and that it is important to be selfish at the right times.

This persistent Rattler won’t stop here. She plans to create another organization with similar platform points for college men in the near future. For now, she is focused on growing a healthy atmosphere for the current members of BOSS.