Broward County rapper Hersh Jefe moves to Tallahassee

Rapper Hersh Jeffe plans to take his talent to FAMU.
Jasmine Williams | The Famuan

Jordan Joseph, better known by his stage name Hersh Jefe, is a student at Tallahassee Community College.

He is an up and coming rapper who was born in Pompano Beach but raised in Deerfield Beach. Growing up in Broward County Jefe made the best of his situations just so he could have the best teenage career possible.

He moved to Tallahassee to pursue his degree and to become one of Broward County’s rap stars.

Jefe is dedicated to making music and money. He is studying construction engineering and technology at TCC. Jefe plans to transfer to Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University after earning his associate's degree.

Jefe plans to use his degree to become a landlord in the near future.

Jefe started making music in the sixth grade.  Rapping in class with his friends helped him start making songs.

Jefe met his sixth grade friend, Devin Sims, who saw the poetic ability in Jefe. This acknowledgment accelerated Jefe towards the rap industry. He’s been rapping since then.

“I am extremely happy for Hersh Jefe because we grew up together and he is always in the studio working like he is supposed to be. The only time it affects me in a bad way is when he is not in the studio because that's his way out the struggle,” said childhood friend Piery Numa.

The first time Jefe recorded in a studio was in the eighth grade. The studio was in his neighbor’s, closet. A closet studio is a studio built in a person’s home which most up and coming artists use to begin their career.

“Music is a good way of expressing myself. It has opened doors for me and everything I do is always music related,” said Jefe.

Rappers rhyme to tell a story regardless if it is bad or good. Jefe was always determined to make music a part of his lifestyle. The story that Jefe tells is a way of expressing himself to the world. He explained that it's also of how he feels.

Jefe’s most recent show was held at Play, a club on West Pensacola Street, where he opened up for rapper Derez Deshon.

According to Dj SuperZoe, “Jefe’s style of rapping is more of a story of what he has interacted with other people, which is what a lot of Broward rappers are on. He reminds me of Speaker Knockerz.”

Music is an outlet for a lot of individuals to stay out of trouble or to make more money.

“I used to write poetry before I rapped.  I love making money so I take my craft serious.,” Jefe said.