FAMU students prepare for Hurricane Michael

Tree uprooted due to Hurricane Michael
Jeremiah Carter | The Famuan

With Hurricane Michael making its way through Tallahassee a lot of students decided to stay in town and ride the storm out. When most students found out Hurricane Michael was coming they left immediately. But for those who stay behind quickly rush to the stores and stocked up on Hurricane supplies. 

“I decided to stay on campus during Hurricane Michael, because my job did not cancel work for the week said Philisity Walters a junior Pre-Pharmacy Student. I also knew that from my past experiences of staying during a hurricane that all on campus resident halls have backup generators Furthermore, having power during and after the storm is something that I’m very grateful for. I suppose staying on campus does bring some benefits after all said Walters.  

The University made various preparations for those staying on campusWe had lunches and dinners delivered to each residence hall, said Mathania Germain a year third Business Administration student and Resident Assistant. Also, we’re not charging for laundry so that students could wash their clothes. Maintenance also switched the power source from above ground to below, so we weren't worried about losing power.  Also, if students wanted to evacuate they had to inform a residential employee before leaving. 

According to a statement Release by the university, commuter students, their immediate families, and employees who would like to take shelter in the Foster-Tanner Music Building – Band Rehearsal Hall on Pinder Drive (behind the Student Union) were urged to arrive immediately to avoid traveling in heavy winds and rain. Please bring student ID, personal items, blankets and pillows. They had to check-in by 10:00am. All campus activities  outside of emergency management, food services and shelter areas should cease until further notice, including student organizations' intake, recruitment or regular meetings. 

    On the other hand, students who decide leave filled up their gas tanks and hit the road. I left Tallahassee because I felt that the city is not best fit for something so monstrous said Janay Green senior nursing student. Also, I didn't want to not have any power or gas so evacuating made more sense. 

Students were encouraged to stay safe during and after the storm. According to  Flash.org, during and after the storm, you should avoid traveling on blocked roads, avoid power lines, avoid sightseeing and avoid metal objects. Walking in flooded areas is not advised because of numerous hazards including electrical issues. For more details, visit http://www.flash.org/peril_inside.php?id=119. 

Classes and all regular university activities will resume on October 11th.