Homecoming Survival Guide: the best way to enjoy ‘The Experience’

Aleya Bradley | The FAMUAN

 With homecoming right around the corner there are many things going through a Rattler’s mind. 

“Where are my shipments?”

“What am I going to wear?”

“What spots am I hitting?” 

But with all these questions—we have to come up with a complete game plan of how we are going to overcome everything that this week will be throwing at us. 

When it comes to homecoming keep your safety first in mind.

Regardless if you are a male or female make sure you are always rolling with your crew. Never leave anyone behind and make sure you go everywhere in pairs of two.  Also when it comes to drinking, please do not drive. Download apps such as Lyft and Uber to make sure you and your friends arrive everywhere safely. 

Next in line, we have to make sure to remember that our health is our wealth.

We are still experiencing extremely hot temperatures, which in return can cause dehydration to the body. To ensure we avoid these problems make sure you keep water on you at all times. You can also purchase electronic fans that can help keep you cool while at Set Friday or at the game. And although the food that we will be indulging will be great, try to have a salad throughout the week to balance out all the greasy carbs. 

While making sure you are safe make sure your pockets are safe also.

I know it’s homecoming week and we don’t want to think about the face that we are going to make every time we log into our Wells Fargo account. But there are some ways to avoid this. 

Unfortunately, homecoming falls on the 1st this and we all know what that means….RENT IS DUE. 

Make sure you take care of your priorities first. Pay all of your bills and budget out the rest of your money for the rest of the week. Make a list of things that you can go without during the course of the week and don’t be ashamed to ball on a budget. Don’t be afraid to share a plate from Perry Street with your friends or maybe try saying ‘no’ to that party that you didn’t buy the ticket for. I mean we party every weekend anyways, so are we really missing anything? 

Other ways you can avoid spending more than you need to is to only carry cash everywhere you go. Take out a certain amount of money and once you run out of it—you should know that you have done damage. Also, keep your cards at home they can easily be lost and often times they are too convenient. 

Now that you have these tips go out and make the best memories and maybe even meet some new friends. Enjoy the experience because there may never be another like it.