Homecoming pep rally to bring the hype

Yung Miami at FAMU homecoming pep rally.
Sydne Vigille | The FAMUAN

The theme of the 2018 Florida A&M University’s homecoming is “The Experience” and that is just what students, faculty, alumni and the community will get on Wednesday, Oct. 3rd at 7 p.m. at the Lawson Center. 

The event, coordinated by the Student Government Association, is just one of the new homecoming activities that will be introduced to the student body. Miami-based female rap duo, City Girls are one of the main highlights of the event. 

Since the debut of their mixtape “Period” the City Girls have been setting the music scene ablaze with songs like “I’ll Take Yo Man” and “Tighten Up”. They were even featured on this summer’s single best performing song “In My Feelings” with hip-hop star Drake.

Since a pep rally is often seen as a celebration, it is fitting that the event will take place on FAMU’s founder’s day.

48th SGA Senate President and agribusiness major, Rochard Moricette, hopes that everyone brings their rattler spirit for the full week of homecoming events. He believes that the pep rally is a way to get everyone excited for the Saturday game against Norfolk State. 

“So, the ultimate goal of the pep rally is to raise school morale, school spirit. It’s on October 3rd, which is FAMU’s 131st birthday. We’ve got the City Girls coming out, we’ve got organizations, we’re cheering on the football team. We are going to beat Norfolk State,” Moore said. “That’s pretty much the whole purpose of this event is to make sure that we are celebrating FAMU’s 131st birthday in the right way. We are starting off with fireworks the night before to bring it in and the pep rally is the big cap.”

Though the City Girls are on everyone’s radar as a must-see moment, there will be also other wow factors throughout the night. The football team, different dance troupes and a fashion show are just a few of the things attendants can expect to see. There will also be a ticket giveaway for the Homecoming concert where Gucci Mane and Kodak Black are slated to perform. 

Since this is the first homecoming pep rally to ever happen at the Lawson Center, the SGA homecoming committee knew there had to be careful planning and attention to detail. 

SGA Joint Operations and Graduate assistant, Johnika Moss, was in charge of spearheading the event. Starting as early as the end of this past May to plan the event, Moss worked with a committee to bring FAMU’s campus something special. 

“We never had a homecoming pep rally before, well that I know of, so is this something that we always been talking about since last year,” Moss said. “So, I think this year we were trying to do a lot of new things. If you look at the schedule we have a lot of new things that we are trying to incorporate.”

To visit the full schedule for homecoming, visit www.homecomingonthehill.com