FAMU Law Fraternity hosts event to encourage voting

FAMU law fraternity hosts event to increase voter turnout
Photo Courtesy of Royalty Marketing Group and Phi Alpha Delta.

Florida A&M University’s Pre-Law chapter of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity had one clear message for students on Oct. 3: go out and vote.

In partnership with Royalty Marketing Group for their “Dream Bigger” campaign, Phi Alpha Delta set up in FAMU’s food court, commonly known as “bottom cafe,” to host an event to help spread awareness about the importance of voting in both local and national elections. Proceeds from this event were donated to Andrew Gillum’s gubernatorial campaign.

Advisor of the Phi Alpha Delta and criminal justice professor Kenya Washington-Johnson believes it is important for students to know who is running in local elections, especially since the decision making skills of those elected officials directly affect them on an everyday basis.

“This event is focused on voting and getting students engaged in the political process, which is something that is very important for our community and our university,”  Johnson explained.

According to a data report summary published by the Leon County Supervisor of Elections, there are over 6,000 inactive voters in Leon County alone. Each vote has the power to make a difference in ensuring that citizens living in the community are given an equal opportunity to strive.

Johnson furthered explained that there is a great misunderstanding when it comes to the voting process and that people especially of the younger generations generally will only partake in national elections or won’t vote at all because they feel as though their vote does not matter.

“Our numeric representation is high enough in Tallahassee so that we can actually have a meaningful impact in what happens in our city,” Johnson said. “I think it is really important that we be more cognizant and purposeful about exercising the power that we do have which is why we are set up here today.”

Vice President of Phi Alpha Delta Janel Kemp encouraged students to use their power to vote in order to make change in the community.

“We sometimes think that our personal voice cannot make a change and does not matter,” Kemp expressed. “This is an event to help promote civic engagement this election season, and to show that our voices do matter especially in local elections”.

Kemp, along with other members of the organization, canvassed for four hours during this homecoming week in the bottom cafe, hoping to encourage more students to partake in this upcoming election.

As the event progressed, Johnson took to the microphone to inform students, faculty and staff members on why this upcoming election is so important to our community. She expressed that it is even more important that they get registered to vote and participate in voting during this upcoming election in November.

In the state of Florida, there are many different ways to get registered to vote including online, by-mail, and in person voter. The deadline to register is October 9th and Election Day will be held on November 6th.