Capital City Chamber gives back to FAMU

FAMU President Larry Robinson poses with members of the Capital City Chamber of Commerce before Friday morning's golf tournament.
Yayri Hazel | The Famuan

The Capital City Chamber of Commerce kicked off FAMU’s homecoming weekend Friday morning when it hosted the annual Homecoming Golf Tournament at Capital City Country Club.

The first drive was taken by FAMU President Larry Robinson to start the tournament. It was the start of a busy day for Robinson, who soon headed back to campus to take part in the Homecoming Convocation.

The purpose of this event was to raise money for Florida’s economy and increase the funding to FAMU athletics as well as academics.

Robinson had the pleasure of being a part of this event. “I am always grateful for events like this that are designed to raise money to support students at Florida A&M University. I made sure that I got here early this morning, although we have so many things going on I thought it was worth coming by.”

The Capital City Chamber of Commerce is a mission-focused organization that supports minority businesses to be able to have the skills and tools to apply for opportunities to make money. It aims to make sure that each dollar is rotated into the community and businesses more than once or twice.

“We hold this event annually during FAMU homecoming to raise funds, to help the athletic program at Florida A&M University. It also brings exposure to minority businesses here in our area to tap into the economic development that is taking place,” said Dianne Williams-Cox, chairwoman of the Capital City Chamber of Commerce.

Williams-Cox also said that academics is the principal reason for creating this event. “I think academics is premier for HBCUs and most universities, but you’ve got to have some fun. Athletics allows us to express ourselves and some fun while bringing a good reputation to the school. FAMU is the place to be, and we want everyone to come.”

Not only does the Capital City Chamber host this annual event but it is also teaming up with FAMU to support the university’s students.

“The other events that are lined up is the Rose Parade in January 2019. We are lining up with FAMU’s Marching 100 to get one more event set for Oct. 20 which will be a fundraising event. So that we can at least invite the whole community and not just one area of Tallahassee to help send FAMU band to Pasadena, California. We want the entire community to participate,” said Katrina Tuggerson, the chamber’s secretary.

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