New Burlington coat factory has grand opening for new location

Burlington entrance
Destiny Taylor | The Famuan

After a short hiatus, Burlington Coat Factory is back in Tallahassee and even better than before. Located at the corner of Apalachee Parkway and Blair Stone Road, the new store occupies around 37, 900 square feet of space. 

The store had their grand opening over the weekend, which featured a day of activities, multiple gift card giveaways and a free tote for the first 500 customers. Six $25 gift cards and one $250 gift card was given away at the grand opening.

Many of those waiting in line were eager to see what the store had to offer. First time shopper at Burlington, Vicki Maldinado was impressed with the different products around the store.

“They seem to have a lot of variety so I’ve been having a fun time shopping around,” Maldinado said. “I actually just stopped by to get one thing for my baby but ended up getting distracted looking at some of the other things”. 

Store manager, Ray Gray was pleased with the results of the store’s opening. 

“By early morning we easily had about 1,000 people at our store, it was fantastic. We had a great time,” Gray said. “Customers have really been enjoying the new shopping experience and the assortment that we carry”.

Interior of Burlington
Photo submitted by Destiny Taylor

If you are a Tallahassee resident you may recall that the previous Burlington that was located on North Monroe Street in the Tallahassee Mall. As the neighboring stores began to shut down, Burlington became isolated from the high-traffic areas in the mall, ultimately making business a little slow. 

“We had a good location there but good is the enemy of great and now we are in a great location,” Gray explained. “The customers like the location and they really like the layout of the store”.

Burlington is now one light down from Governor’s Square Mall, and shares a plaza with Party City and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Not only did Burlington hold a grand opening here in Tallahassee, the retail company also welcomed eight other stores on the same day. Some of the new store locations included cities in California, Kentucky, Texas, and New Hampshire.

Jasmine Sheppard is a current employee who worked at the old location before the change.  According to Sheppard, customers were so excited they were trying to enter the store before it was time to open. 

“I love the new location because it’s closer to my house, but on top of that we get more customers on this side of town,” Sheppard said.

When asked what she liked about Burlington the most, Sheppard explained that the affordability and uniqueness of the products were a plus.

“The prices and the options definitely. I find the most unrecognizable stuff that I wouldn’t find anywhere else.” 

With new arrivals every week, Tallahassee’s new Burlington is definitely worth a visit. Whether you are shopping for name brand clothes, baby items, home décor or shoes, you can find it at Burlington for a reasonable price.