There’s a bond within the Bond community

The Bond Community on Google Maps. 
Photo by Matthew Donaldson.

The Bond community has deep roots in Tallahassee. It has had a presence in the capital city going back to the 1800s. Originally occupied mostly by black business owners and scholars at its start, it encircles Florida A&M University. It has flourished and still manages to hold up sturdy today.

The Bond community stretches from West Gains Street to the north to Orange Avenue to the south, with South Monroe Street serving as the eastern border. The community is supported by small businesses owned by people who grew up in the community, residents like In and Out Owner and master barber Zach Clemons. He has owned barbershops in the community for a little over 20 years.

Clemons talked about what it means to own a business in the Bond community: “My job extends beyond more than being a barber. I see myself as a role model to people for a good business and excellent customer service.”

Linda Tillman, a Florida A&M University alumna as well as a once long-standing member of the Bond community, has fond memories of growing up in the area.

“Times were a lot different back then and people were different. Back then everyone in the community functioned as a village. We looked out and protected one another,” she said.

If a child was misbehaving it was nothing for someone in the neighborhood to straighten him or her out.

“It’s no doubt that FAMU has been the Oliver stone of the community. Everyone here loves FAMU because it’s always been a place of good energy whether it be the games, vendors on the back streets or just meeting up with old friends again. FAMU brings together and keeps the community together.”  

Jamar Adams a recent FAMU grad who grew up in the Bond community and attended Bond Elementary School before doing to Nims Middle School. When it came time for high school he attended Rickards High School on Jim Lee Road. “Bond community is why I worked hard to become who and what I am today,” Adams said. “Some of the people within the community helped me see and believe in myself. When I saw that there were people outside of my family within the community rooting for me I realized that what I’m doing is bigger than me.”

The bond within the Bond community has and will forever be longstanding, whether it’s a local business owner, a resident of the community or even FAMU Students.