Kevin Hart predictably funny in ‘Night School’

‘Night School’ official movie flyer. 
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Going back to high school can be tough for many adults, especially with new high-level criteria.

The newly released film “Night School” put a comedic twist on how it is to go back to high school and earn a GED. With Kevin Hart as Teddy Walker, a high school dropout, and Tiffany, Haddish as Carrie the feisty night school teacher, going back to school has never been so funny.

It is said in the movie that getting your GED is a second chance, and that’s exactly what Teddy Walker needed in life. Being on top of the world one minute, and having to reset, can take a toll on anybody, but with the help of his teacher and classmates, Walker was able to do so.

The movie centers on Walker, a 36-year old man who is forced to return to high school after 18 long years when he accidentally burns down his job. Walker has new plans to become a marketing agent but it can’t happen unless he gets his GED.

Getting into school was the easy part; it was actually learning that proved a challenge for Walker. It was so tough that Carrie had to develop new ways for him to learn, including kickboxing exercises.

Walker’s classmates were a group of misfits. Each character had their own personal reason as to why they came back to school, but the storyline focuses solely on the main character Walker.

From stealing the midterm to enjoying their not so “senior prom,” the class became a family.

Moviegoers shared their mixed opinions of the movie.

Jaylen Kearse, a student at Lively Technical School, said the film wasn’t exactly what he expected. 

“It wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be, but I still like the overall message of the movie. I wish there was more about how life was for him after he finally passed the test,” said Kearse.

“I loved it’ the energy was there and there was never a dull moment throughout the movie. I’m a big fan of comedies and Tiffany Haddish has quickly become of my favorite comedians,” said Tallahassee native Lakira Sylvain.

Deveni Gibson, a senior pharmacy student at FAMU, also gave her thoughts on the film.

“Overall to me the movie was good, but not worth all of the hype that it was receiving, it just gave me the typical Kevin Hart storyline. But was also good to see that a FAMU alumni [Will Packer] was apart of producing this movie,’ Gibson said.