FAMU grad making big moves in late-night food

"Tha Munchies" offers red velvet waffles with a chicken dish.
Courtesy of Tha Munchies' Instagram page.

There are nights in Tallahassee that can seem never-ending. The city’s student population creates a high demand for late-night restaurants. With only a handful of late-night options, a Florida A&M University grad is shaking things up with a new spin on late-night food.

Nydira Adams, a 2016 FAMU grad, has always been a driven and creative individual. During her years at FAMU she would often find creative ways to make a little extra cash, even designing and selling handmade jewelry during Set Friday.

Adams continued to put this entrepreneurial spirit to use and opened Tha Munchies last month at 708 Dent St. in Frenchtown.

“My friends and I would always find ourselves in the same predicament, whether it was leaving the club, up late studying, or just hanging with friends, we are up late and we were hungry,” said Adams.

“Then one day I saw a post on Instagram that said ‘create what you wish existed’ and I got to thinking. I knew that I wanted something delicious, something with a dope price, and something delivered within an hour with a smile on your face. So I created that.”

Tha Munchies indeed caters to a late-night audience. It doesn’t open until midnight and remains open until 4 a.m. every day except Tuesday and Thursday.

Adams is currently a full-time office manager at FAMU’s College of Science and Technology. Despite the challenges of a starting a business, she credits the people in her life for making the challenges easier.

“I have a boyfriend who supports my every move. If you’re starting your own business, any girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse that you have, you have to let them know that they are going to be your No. 1 support system and contact person. That person in your life has to be as gung-ho about your business as you,” said Adams.

Despite having opened its doors as recently as September, The Munchies has garnered plenty of support and attention from local students. D’Ananetia Jones, a 2018 FAMU grad from St. Petersburg, is excited about the healthy menu options available.

“I recently heard about Tha Munchies. A friend of mine was eating some of the food one day and I asked about it. When I looked at the menu I saw that they offered vegetarian and vegan options, which is ideal for me because I don’t eat meat,” said Jones.

The Munchies offers a variety of breakfast and hearty late-night meals.

A popular selection is the Vegetarian/Vegan Legit Tacos.

Taylor Jones, a student from Miami, says this is her go-to choice.

“I love it, especially when you get home late, that hits the spot. Its great too because it’s like you’re going to bed right after, so you won’t have a lot of grease and all that other stuff just sitting in your belly,” said Jones.

Adams has plans to continue to build her business, hoping to one-day own restaurants in multiple college towns.

Considering the drive and dedication she has shown so far, who would expect any less?

Menu items for The Munchies are posted on Adams’ Instagram page: ThaMunchies. She charges a flat $5 delivery fee and there is no charge for delivering to campuses.