Luxe Ego: A woman’s one-stop shop

Luxe Ego is located at Railroad Square.
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If being an entrepreneur had an age limit, 21-year-old Tatiana Smith substantially lowered that number. Originally from Pompano Beach, this retail merchandising and product development student at Florida State decided to get an early start in her career field by opening up her own boutique, Luxe Ego.  

With the opening of this unique store, Smith has pioneered an easy and affordable way for college students to shop for hair, clothes, shoes, makeup and much more. Seated between both FAMU and FSU’s campuses at Railroad Square, the artistically designed store is essentially a one-stop-shop for any woman’s beauty and wardrobe needs.

Being a true perfectionist, Smith made it her personal mission to provide the highest quality of every item that is sold in her store. The aspect that sets her apart from other stores in the area is the fact that she did something that is usually pretty hard to do – she found a way to correlate great quality and affordable prices.

“The hair is absolutely amazing. Luxe Ego’s hair is silky soft and does not shed. I plan on going back to them because they have affordable deals for college students and great quality,” said Taylor Knight, a student at FSU and a frequent shopper at Luxe Ego.

The high praises do not stop there. When speaking about clothes at the store Ariel Walker, a junior sociology major at FSU, gave an enthusiastic evaluation of the quality: “I really love the quality of the material. It is definitely higher end fashion, nothing cheap or something that I would only get a few uses out of. The quality of the item matches the name of their brand perfectly.”

Smith has been maintaining such a great deal of success due to the genuine desire she puts into her company. “The most rewarding thing about my job is self-satisfaction. Honestly, it is not about the money, I just enjoy the creative things I can do to make someone happy,” Smith said.  

With pure determination and a vision, Tatiana Smith has done something that most 21-year-olds would never even think of. She used her love for beauty, fashion and business to successfully make her dream a reality.

Smith has much more in store for Luxe Ego. For example, she is working on a wine tasting event as well as a makeup tutorial session with all of her loyal customers. When asked how she wants to be remembered, she succinctly replied: “As a go getter.”