Hidden delights at Sugar Rush Bar

Interior sign of Sugar Rush Bar
Brielle Crooms | The Famuan

Call it a personalized special or a call it an ice cream delight. These hidden desserts shouldn’t go unnoticed and they provide an extravagant sight.

Sugar Rush Bar is one of the newest ice cream parlors in town. Its visual satisfaction sets it apart from the rest. 

“Each menu item is made to order from scratch, and highly decorated which creates that wow factor,” said the owner of Sugar Rush Bar, Juan Severini.

The ice cream parlor began its journey within the Donut Kingdom off Tennessee Street. After a year and a half of business in that location, there was a redirection of the ice cream parlor. After Donut Kingdom offered to contract with Severini, he had a business decision to make. One to confirm the contract with Donut Kingdom and make the offered salary that the franchised offered to keep his shop at that location, or to find his own way and be an independent business owner.

Severini, decided to branch off and expand his company as an independent businessman.

Upon relocating to the newest location off of All Saints Street, he has found a change in his customers. The shop became more family oriented, where people brought their children and parents travel into town to visit their college student would also visit the shop. The previous shop was geared toward college students, as the previous location was conveniently placed for the students of Tallahassee.

A customer of Sugar Rush Bar shared her thoughts on the new location. “I tried the ice cream shop maybe about a year ago when it was on Tennessee Street. I had no idea where it moved to until I ran into someone who had a dessert that looked just as unique as I remembered when I went. I asked them where they got it from, and they said ‘Sugar Rush Bar.’ I was so excited to find out that the shop didn’t close, but just relocated. I actually would have never found it though, the new location is on a back street that I never take, so I would have to be on a mission to go to Sugar Rush Bar for me to ever buy another dessert from them,” Tina Cooper said.

Serverini said that he plans to continue his expansion of the ice cream parlor by opening a new location in the next year on the north side of town. He thinks this will assist his new customer base of families.

With each edible masterpiece being made at the time of order, timeliness is one of the weaknesses of the parlor. The wait time for a dessert can be 30-45 minutes. However, upon receiving that ice cream masterpiece, one taste of the dessert will make the wait worthwhile. A new customer of Sugar Rush Bar, Nancy Massani, can testify for the wait time. “I heard about the shop over a month ago, and I finally made it to the ice cream shop. The dessert was by far the prettiest dessert I have ever purchased. It did take a long time to receive my order, but I was well satisfied in the end.”

Severini elaborates on Sugar Rush Bar’s specialty: “We make milkshakes as our specialty. Our main focus is to create a memory with every customer.”

To keep up with Sugar Rush Bar, follow its Facebook page – Sugar Rush Bar Tallahassee and on its Instagram page @SugarRushBar

The ice cream shop is located on 414 All Saints St. Business hours are everyday, 3 p.m. – midnight. For any questions about Sugar Rush Bar, call 850-778-9227.