Rapper Su Gutta calls Tallahassee home

Su Gutta recording to Kick Back Studio.
Photo submitted by Shine City.

Roylee Glanton is a local up and coming rapper. He prefers to be called by his rap name, “Su Gutta.”

Glanton is from Dundee and he moved to Tallahassee in 2013. Glanton has had a passion for music since he was young, but it took him a while to take his career to the next level.

Growing up, n was sent back and forth between Florida and New York. While In New York he did not always pick the right friends, which led to n skipping school and selling drugs. His mother was scared she would lose him to the streets of New York and made him come back to Florida.

He believed music was his purpose in life and began to take it seriously.

“Do you stay away from a person that’s always trying to ride the wave?  They are only temporary and here for excitement when you’re really trying to take care of your family,” he said. “No one will believe in your dreams like you. You’re chasing your dreams, they chasing the wave.”

He has gone through his share of trials and tribulations but still managed to get through them. Glanton believes in good karma and putting good energy out into the universe.

“Roy is kind-hearted. He is willing to give his last and always trying to help people. He’s just an all-around good dude,” said Janice Harris, n’s mother.

He was inspired by artists such as Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, 2 Short, No Limit, 2 Pac and others. He wants his music to connect with people young and old.

“I want to tell people who they are. A lot of black people don’t know a lot about their nationality, why they’re here or their purpose in life,” said Glanton.

Glanton has performed in Georgia and South Florida in cities such as Atlanta, Savannah, Tallahassee, Polk County, Dade County and more.  He has had a lot of success in his career and he doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

“Gutta has always been sociable and able to adapt to any environment. He’s easy going, charismatic, a person that’s willing to learn and grow. He has an independent mindset willing to work with others to obtain a goal,” said Tyrone Henderson, a mentor to Glanton.

Glanton will be performing at Florida A&M University on The Set on Friday during Homecoming. He is also scheduled to perform Saturday, Oct. 20 at Play Sports Bar.

Glanton’s struggles made him the man he is today.  He believes his faith in God and love for music will only take his career to the top. There have been times when n has thought about giving up but he stayed resilient through it all.