FAMU grad student shaking up the beauty industry

Chanelle Glover has one degree from FAMU and is working on a second.
Photo submitted by Chanelle Glover.

Running a business and balancing schoolwork can be a daunting task. However, FAMU alumna and master of business administration candidate Chanelle Glover meets the challenge head on.

Founded in 2017, Tallahassee-based Centric Textures specializes in skin care. Glover, its founder, set out on a mission “to provide beautiful, radiant and healthy skin to enhance the lifestyle around us,” she said. “We strive to educate individuals and communities on skin care and the essentials to maintain healthy skin.”

Glover, a 24-year-old Jacksonville native, describes her childhood as very quiet where she developed her determination and persistence for getting things done.

“My parents always instilled in me the concept of perseverance and told me to always go after what I want and not give up until I obtain it,” said Glover.

At the age of 12, life took a turn for Glover. Her father was involved in a severe car accident and she witnessed the effects of the accident.

This caused her to further exhibit the traits of resilience and strength.

“This life event caused me to witness the true meaning of strength, perseverance, and faith because these were all things that I saw my dad exhibit to get to a better state,”  Glover said. “Though it was hard to face, it has carried me though life to this day and shown me how to exhibit these aspects no matter what I go though.”

Glover graduated from the school of Allied Health & Health Sciences with a bachelor’s of health sciences.

During her time at FAMU Glover has been involved with many activities on campus. She joined an array of organizations that interested her professionally and socially.

These organizations include the Electoral Commission, Big Sister Little Sister mentoring program, Health Occupation Students of America, House Arrest 2 Championship Dance Team and Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity.

Glover also pursued one of her hobbies as a photographer and joined the FAMUly Affair photography team.

Being an entrepreneur was not in the plans for Glover. She began making products for fun and at her own leisure time.

“I knew that I loved making my products, and for a while I was just doing it for fun and

my own leisure,” she said. “My parents influenced me to make it into a business that could help others and bring awareness to the importance of maintaining healthy skin. From then on, I decided to make my leisure activities into something greater.”

Glover decided to become an entrepreneur because she loves to set and achieve her own goals.

“I know that I wanted to work for myself and influence others, so I established a business.”

With a busy schedule Glover quickly learned the importance of balancing her career as an entrepreneur and her life as a student.

“I try to ensure that I prioritize my tasks efficiently between school and work. This helps me stay accountable as well as ahead in my tasks,” said Glover.

This type of behavior eventually rubbed off on others, as she would inspire her close friends and peers alike.

Mia Young, a close friend of Glover’s from Jacksonville, has known her for years. Young described Glover as being a fun-loving, outgoing and friendly person. She also said she admires Glover.

“What I admire the most about Chanelle is her rareness, tenacity and fierceness. She has a drive like no other and her fierceness is the icing on the cake,” said Young. “Her style, her vibe, her personality is simply unmatched. She’s unique and she’s herself, and I love that the most about her.”

As a customer of Centric Textures, Young said she has used the products before and loves the product line.

“I loved the body scrub. The smell, the consistency left me happy, but the results from it stunned me,” said Young. “I used it with the exfoliating glove, and it left my skin so smooth. After using that I applied the body butter.”

She added, “Now usually I have to mix all of my shea butter mixes with coconut oil to give me the shine I like, but I did not have to with these!” said Young. “The shine was perfect, the smoothness of it was to die for, and the smell was just right, not too strong or too soft!”

She went on to say rose and gardenia are her favorites.

Proximity is not a challenge for Centric Textures. Although Young resides in Virginia, she’s still able to purchase and receive her favorite products.

“The brand is amazing and has great customer service,” said Young. “I had to have my items shipped to me here in Virginia, and they were here before the week was over. The brand stands for something and they definitely deliver with their products.”

“The thing that sets Centric Textures apart from other brands would first be the name. Its unique and intriguing,” said Young. “The second thing would have to be the amazing quality of the products. They literally left me astounded by how great they were.”

Yasmire Whigham, a native of Tallahassee, is one of Glover’s best friends. She described Glover as level-headed, sincere and straightforward.

She views Centric Textures as being a product that celebrates melanin and encourages people of all shades to flaunt their skin.

“I have used Centric Textures multiple times and I still use the product. I love how the products keep my skin moisturized and hydrated,” Whigham said. “

One perk Glover said that comes with a owning a business is being able to wear her own product and people compliment her.

“I enjoy being able to tell people that it is something I concocted myself,” said Glover.

To learn more about Centric Textures email centrictextures@gmail.com, or through the Instagram page centrictextures.