City building new sidewalk near FAMU

The construction site on Palmetto St.
Destanie Morman | The Famuan

The City of Tallahassee recently began construction on a new sidewalk on Palmetto Street between South Adams Street and South Boulevard Street near Florida A&M University’s campus.

As stated in a press release issued by the city, the sidewalk will be built behind the trees along Palmetto Street, and an arborist will be onsite throughout construction. Additionally, the sidewalk will be built above ground to avoid disrupting the tree roots.

“This project is another example of the City’s investment in infrastructure throughout our community,” City Commissioner Curtis Richardson said. “When completed, the new sidewalk along Palmetto Street will improve connectivity and mobility on Tallahassee’s south side.”

The new sidewalk will provide a safe and easily accessible route to FAMU, particularly for residents living in the student housing complexes nearby.

According to Carrie Poole, a spokeswoman for the city, “Work will typically take place on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Crews may work some weekends so long as it does not interfere with special events, such as football games.”

The estimated construction cost for this project is $140,000.

Heather Teter, a public information officer for the City of Tallahassee, explained why the city is allocating funds on sidewalk installations.

“Citizens have wanted more sidewalks for a while. We are putting forth a lot of money to do that. They’re wanting more safe routes to schools for children and sidewalks for bus commuters,” Teter said. “Our citizens have been more vocal and that’s why the City Commission has placed sidewalks as a top priority.”

Sylvia Mason, a nearby resident, is excited for the addition but hopes that it doesn’t interfere with her everyday livelihood.

“I think Tallahassee needs some fixing up, especially on the south side. I think this side of town has been forgotten about for years and I’m glad we’re getting some attention,” she added. “I just don’t want this sidewalk or construction to come in between my driving to and from work.”

Construction sign with information regarding the construction.
Destanie Morman | The Famuan

Poole said the sidewalk should have little impact on vehicular traffic.

“Pedestrians walking to and from the student housing complex nearby may have to adjust their route,” Poole added.

Sherrell Melvin, a junior psychology major and resident of Palmetto is not happy about being “inconvenienced.”

“I think the sidewalk is great, don’t get me wrong. But students who walk were not thought about,” said Melvin. “But I understand what the city is trying to do and FAMU does have reliable shuttles, so I’ll be fine.”

The new sidewalk is only one of the many efforts to gentrify the city of Tallahassee. Poole said there will be more sidewalks and infrastructure projects in the future.

“In addition to this new sidewalk, there are a number of major infrastructure projects underway on the south side, such as the FAMU Way extension, the Capital Cascades Trail, the stormwater enhancement project on Kissimmee Street, along with other utility upgrades being completed in the area,” said Poole. “These projects are helping to beautify the area and provide a strong foundation for future development, while collaboration with residents ensures neighborhood preservation and vitality remains a priority.”

Weather permitting, the construction of the sidewalk is anticipated to be complete in December.

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