Parking woes mount as more lots are closed

FAMU students are wary of being ticketed after they can't find a legal place to park.
Jermaine Kershner | The Famuan

If you asked the question, how is parking at Florida A&M University, you may get an answer filled with frustration.

As the new fall semester starts and students, professors, staff and others start flooding the campus, parking problems start to arise.

According to many students at FAMU, there have been parking areas that have been taken away and it seems to be causing chaos.   

The recently closed lots include the parking behind McGuinn and Diamond residence halls and the parking lot located by Gibbs Hall.

“Whenever new money comes in, use it on things that matter to the entire university because it’s a lot of things that are being spent that have no business being spent on,” said Herandre Fair-curry, freshman MBA major.

Many students say have gotten tickets and boots due to the fact that there is a lack of legal parking. If you go around campus and look you’ll see that the number of cars compared to parking spaces doesn’t add up. This means students and faculty will have to start parking in areas around the university, which many do not consider safe.

There have been break-ins around the university in parking areas while vehicles where unattended.

“Start sending students emails, and text messages saying that their registration is up or it’s about to expire. So that students are not just parking and constantly receiving tickets,” said Elijah Jackson, graduating senior majoring in biology.

There are many who say they dislike the parking enforcement officers who rive through the parking lots and scan license plates until they find a vehicle that is not registered, but many understand that they are doing they’re jobs.

“FAMU needs to understand that the majority of people on FAMU’s campus are drivers and we need parking spaces,” said Deja Keenon, graduating senior majoring in African American studies.