The future of Fonzi

Selmour exercises six days a week, and recently just got hired at the FAMU Recreation Center.
Photo Credit: Fonzi Selmour

Aspiring physician assistant, gym owner, vegan and world traveler, Fonzi Selmour is incredibly motivated when it comes to his future.

Born on June 3, 1994, into a Haitian family, Selmour has 11 siblings spread out over the states. His hobbies include cooking, exercising and playing the violin. Selmour has always wanted to attend college simply to enjoy the experiences and broaden his career choices. Majoring in Food Science and minoring in Exercise Science, the Florida A&M University student’s dream job is to be a physician assistant and potentially own a gym. In fact, he has already begun taking the necessary steps to achieve a few of those goals. Selmour obtained his personal trainer license last year, and he has been studying for the Graduate Record Examination.

Growing up, Selmour admits he was always overweight—weighing about 315 pounds at the age of 19.  However, after one particular party his freshman year, Selmour started to notice a few changes in his body.

“My head started hurting but I thought it was just from the liquor and the noise of the party so I brushed it off,” Selmour said. “But a few days went by and I kept getting headaches, really bad headaches.”

When he finally decided to go see a doctor, Selmour was informed that he had high blood pressure.

“I didn’t think at 19-years-old I would have high blood pressure. And once I learned that it could lead to other serious health conditions, I was devastated,” he said.

That day at the doctor’s office was the breaking point for Selmour. He quickly began to monitor his diet and eating habits, and he also began exercising regularly. When he turned 21, he became a vegetarian and a couple months later he decided to become vegan.

“Health and fitness became a big part of my life. I’ve been on my weight loss journey for a few years now and everyday it feels good,” Selmour said.

Cooking vegan meals and exercising six days a week have become his daily routine. So far, Selmour has lost over 100 pounds.

Selmour’s short-term goal is to graduate FAMU in the Spring. In 10 years, Selmour sees himself utilizing his degree, married, and hopes to have traveled to a few different continents.

“If I could describe Fonzi in three words they would be humble, ambitious, and goal-oriented,” long-time friend, Wouvel Chevelon said. “I’ve known him and his family for a long time now and I know everybody is proud to see how far he has come–including me.”

The 24-year-old credits his older brother, Widlin Dieujuste, as being his role model. Selmour said Dieujuste has already accomplished several of the things he wants to do in the future. Selmour shared that his brother has a master’s degree, has traveled to four continents, is married, and started his own foundation that helps send supplies to Haiti.

“Fonzi definitely looks up to his big brother. He’s always sharing stories with us about him,” childhood friend, Rodney Casimir said.

Seymour’s most recent venture was a trip to Turks and Caicos, where his father, Franklin Dieujuste, owns a small property and two houses. One day Selmour would like to be able to invest in some of his father’s land. Barbados is also next on the list for Selmour.

“Pain is just weakness leaving the body,” is the quote Selmour lives by. Not only does he think of that while he is exercising, but he also applies that to all aspects of his life.