Do you get what you pay for with student housing?

College Club Townhomes buildings
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Every fall semester, students arrive in Tallahassee to attend one of the city’s three institutions of higher education. With housing being the priority of many, students find themselves in a whirlwind of deals and promotions, each claiming to be better than the last. With so many off-campus student-housing complexes varying in pricing but offering many of the same amenities, are students who pay more actually getting their money’s worth?

Student housing is regarded as housing aimed toward students. For students, this targeting often means a living environment shared with peers and affordable pricing. While pricing can range anywhere from $300 – $600 a month, it is still considerably more affordable than other renting options that are not student focused.

Isaiah Williams, a junior criminal justice major from Ocala, lives off campus and does not work during the academic semesters. He prefers cheaper housing options and is skeptical about the “perks” of renting with higher priced complexes.

“I live off campus because of the freedom and privacy you get compared to living in dorms,” said Williams. “I really don’t need that much, just the basics. That’s why you won’t see me wasting money at complexes that charge more for perks like pools, stainless steel appliances, and wooden floors. It’s a scam and I’m on a budget.”

These sentiments are not uncommon. Located at 2833 S. Adams St., the College Club Townhomes continues to be the ideal choice for students on a tight budget.

According to College Club Townhome’s Community Assistant Carlisa Washington, the complex offers great affordable pricing, with the basic amenities students need.

“Our rent is $424 a month. Within that you basically pay $390 with a $30 utility cap included for each resident,” said Washington. “We only offer four/fours (apartments with four bedrooms and four bathrooms) but we have a computer lab that has free printing, a gym, a pool, and a basketball court outside.”

Alight West Tenn Pool
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Student housing options like Alight West Tenn, which fall on the more expensive side of the spectrum, are full of incentives and amenities for student renters. Located at 2566 W. Tennessee St., student renters like Janice Crawford, a senior English student at Tallahassee Community College, have no problem paying for the perks.

“I am on a budget like most people but a comfortable place to live is still important to me,” said Crawford.

Alight West Tenn, previously known as University Trails, recently underwent a multi-million dollar renovation.  These renovations included brand new furniture in every apartment, new granite countertops in every kitchen and bathroom, new paint for every building, and more. Considering the amenities already offered at the complex, like 24-hour gym access, pool and renting prices starting at $539 with utilities and internet included, the higher prices are seen as worth it.

“I live at Alight West Tenn and while it is a more expensive than other places, it works for me,” said Crawford. “Not only are the amenities great but it’s close to my school and many grocery stores and restaurants”.

With the needs and desires of every student differing depending on the student, every available option is worth the money to someone.