Great Plates offers great dishes

Photo submitted by: Kalen Johnson

Since its grand opening in early August, Great Plates has been spreading Miami-style flavor all over Tallahassee.  

What used to be a delivery service now has a home at 1313 Jackson Bluff Road.

“Our establishment is the highlight of Jackson Bluff Road,” said restaurant manager, Justice Barnes.

Owner and Miami-native, Luis Guerrero, said, “Entrepreneurship and wealth were my two motivations behind starting this business.”

After using social media to advertise their alluring plates, they were able to garner a large following and establish a presence that led to a growing customer base.

This growth resulted in the acquisition of their new home on Jackson Bluff Road, a space decorated in the businesses’ colors: black, white, orange, yellow and blue. In addition, their restaurant features a sitting area and a bar.

While waiting on food, customers are serenaded with the latest urban tunes playing in the background. Customers also have the option of watching television and playing several games like dominos and Uno.

However, the most important feature of the restaurant is its appetizing menu of succulent food.

Guerrero emphasized their menu choices, pinning it as the element that sets Great Plates apart from other establishments in Tallahassee.

“You can’t go anywhere for seafood macaroni, fried lobster, seafood rice, or buffalo-chicken fries. All of the items on our menu cannot be found anywhere else in Tallahassee,” said Guerrero.

From their homemade sauces to their perfectly fried conch, Great Plates provides a diverse array of mouthwatering foods that are sure to satisfy customers’ taste buds.

When asked to describe the food in five words, Guerrero said, “Our food is authentic, unique, original, good and fresh.”

By viewing the menu, it is evident that not only is Great Plates a restaurant, it is also a brand. In addition to selling food, they also sell apparel. Customers can purchase caps, shirts, and crewnecks stamped with the brand’s name.

Bryton Legree, a prep team member, said, “We offer a fast-casual restaurant experience with a twist.”

When the restaurant reached 7,000 followers on its Instagram page, they showed their customer appreciation by debuting their $7 box. This box includes chicken, shrimp, fries, toast and a drink. Occasionally they have the #GreatPlatesChallenge that encourages followers to engage with the brand on social media to receive a $1 off of their order in return.

The doors are open from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. every day of the week excluding Wednesday. If customers don’t wish to pick up their food, the can order through Uber Eats, Hooked, and Bite Squad.