Lack of discipline is the reason for FSU slow start

With three games underneath his belt, all the hype that came with head coach Willie Taggart seems to have gone downhill quickly after a slow start to the season.

“Our fans have every right to have high expectations for our program and I can assure you that no one has higher expectations than I do,” said Taggart during his press conference Monday.

“We have a proud tradition here at FSU and it is on our shoulder to carry on the torch and our fans, students, alumni, and former players deserve a team that is better than what we have so far this season.”

The loss to Syracuse this past weekend is what dug a deeper hole for coach Taggart, and is also FSU’s first loss to Syracuse since 1966. After starting the season off slow, fans are starting to wonder why Florida State cannot find ways to win games or put more points on the scoreboard.

FSU’s lack of discipline has been the reason for their slow start over the first three games according to Taggart, as the Seminoles are only averaging five points against FBS teams which ranks the worst among all 130 FBS teams.

“I think we all can be better as coaches and players starting with us we have to make sure we are putting our guys in the best position for them to be successful and as players they have to execute the way they know they’re capable of.”

Taggart’s offense does not seem to be improving like it should, and lately they seem to have lost their identity and confidence as a team.

Willie Taggart addressing the media during his weekly press conference on Monday.
Avery Jacobs | Sport Copy Desk

Taggart said that he has watched the Syracuse film five times and that the team has identified ways to improve.

“Our program has some tremendous young men who are determined to get it fixed and who are committed to turning this around and a group of coaches who are looking at everything including ourselves.

“We’ve spent the last 48 hours as a team identifying areas to improve in, self-evaluating what we do and how we do it, working hard in practice. I am confident that we will get it done.” 

Fans have already started to lose patience, and have expressed their opinions toward Taggart on social media.

“I handle it by not being on social media that’s pretty simple to me,” Taggart said. “You understand that when you don’t play well people are going to say negative things, that’s part of it. If we don’t want them to say negative things, we’ve got to play better.”

The Seminoles will look for their second home win against Northern Illinois this weekend. Kickoff is set for 3:30 p.m. and will broadcast on ESPNU network.