H.E.R.O. a must-join for pre-med students

Jamoni Arnold | The FAMUAN

Florida A&M University has a vast array of student organizations, each dedicated to enriching student life and the greater Tallahassee community. There is one organization that has garnered acclaim from many pre-medical students on the campus of FAMU.

FAMU’s H.E.R.O is a non-profit organization for pre-med students looking for hands-on experience.

H.E.R.O connects students to a network of doctors, nurses, and pharmaceutical professionals through its parent company, H.E.R.O. Inc., and has a reputation for helping the world at large. The organization has chapters at FAMU and Florida State University.

Pre-med students like Mari Filer, a biology student from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, have heard great things about the organization. Flier is looking to get involved.

“I have a few friends that are in this organization and from what they’ve told me, it’s a good opportunity to get a little more involved in the healthcare community. They are known for going on their mission trips and you actually get experience in the field,” said Filer.

H.E.R.O. hosts two mission trips each year to Guyana, South America, one during the university’s Spring break and the other takes place the first week in August. Members are eligible to go on either trip.

Jordan Dixon, a biology student from Titusville and a member, has attended past mission trips and encourages all pre-medical student to get involved with the organization.

“I think H.E.R.O. is a great organization for students in the healthcare field, whether it’s biology, chemistry, or education. You get more of an opportunity to shadow professionals,” said Dixon.

The organization accepts member applications year-round, and provides these opportunities to all pre-medical students.

Stephanie Rivera-Correa, H.E.R.O’s FAMU chapter president, wants to get the word out about the benefits new members would be eligible for.

“I am a chemistry pre-med student and I’ve had a really great experience. I’ve been able to make plenty of connections, network, and I’ve had opportunities open up for me on and off campus,” said Rivera.

“New students who are joining are able to earn community service hours, access to field professionals, and exclusive benefits including CPR and Stop The Bleed certification.”

Starting Oct. 24, the organization will host a two-part series on “How to medical school,” where the Association of American Medical Colleges will speak on the medical school application process, the MCAT, and more.