Southern Exposure Art Gallery a showcase for local talent

 Art pieces for sale at the Southern Exposure Art Gallery.  

Southern Exposure Art Gallery is a place where artists showcase their work to the community. The art gallery consists of eight members and two or three different featured artists each month. The art gallery has over 300 pieces of art, which include oil, pencil, pastel, painting, acrylic, sculpting, photography, graphic design and more.

The art gallery also sells creative prints, jewelry, postcards and greeting cards. Most members of the art gallery have been passionate about art all their lives.

“As an artist, I started drawing and doing art because of my parents. My dad studied painting and photography, my mom studied apparel merchandising and textiles.  My mom was always making clothes or quilts and my paint was always doing painting or photography. It was a very creative household and I just started drawing at a very young age,” said Starr Shumaker.

The art gallery is open Friday and Saturday, noon to 4 p.m. and on First Friday is stays open until 10 p.m. It is located at 694-3 Industrial Drive in Railroad Square Art Park. Once a month the art gallery brings in a musician or model.

For the first Friday of this month, the art gallery had special guest performer, Madison Avery to blow the crowd away with her vocals. The art gallery also has sessions where artists in the area can pay and draw nude models. This is a place where artists can be creative through different forms of art.

“What I like the most is the feeling of brush to canvas, I like creating those bright colors. I mix my own paint and create my own colors, pretty much. That’s part of what I find the best, the most fun and creative is doing all that myself,” said Bill Humphries.

Bart Frost is the owner of Southern Exposure Art Gallery and he opened this business in 2015.

“I was in a gallery and I felt like we could do better and I mean, I think we’ve done better. This gallery is more customer-friendly, when I started this Bill Humphries and other members came from that gallery to this one. Since then the other gallery closed down,” said Frost.   

The art gallery is always looking for new people to join and the process is simple. If your artwork is up to Frost’s standards you can begin as a visiting artist for a month and if you want to stay you can become a member.  Art students will receive free space in the gallery and if they sell something they have to give 25 percent to the Art Gallery.

The Southern Exposure Art Gallery welcomes all artist and citizen of the community to join or stop by.